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Friday Update....and Fine Art Aran Competition!

Well, it has been a busy week here at Life LDC......

I can't believe it is nearing the end of August already....summer has flown by.  I am trying to take advantage of the great (not so hot you can't stand to be outside) summer weather and do whatever I can outside.

My afghan is finished...a new project has to be cast on!  Rowan Fine Art Aran comes in hanks, so I needed to take my ball winder and swift out onto the deck!  

A trip to Georgetown for a knit/coffee "date" with my buddy Candice.....on the drive there, what did I see but this....

Yesterday Hubby and I, and "the kids" took a road trip up to the  Saugeen Shores area of Ontario - that's the northern coast of Lake Huron.  Known for it's fantastic is a 2.45 hour drive....

While we were there...we of course walked the kids....

Daisy was with me....she walks very ladylike, until she decides it is time to throw herself down on the ground and roll in something really lovely (lovely to her, …

Faraway, a seaside scarf


When only the finest will do...."Rowan Finest"

I couldn't wait to knit with "Rowan Finest".  It caught my eye immediately!

Fine gauge knitting with luxurious yarn and a collection of designs that are just so sublime!

I asked Sara Hatton about the styling for these designs and the photo shoot.  She said that she was going for "50's and 60's vintage Miami".

Turns out this collection was photographed in "deepest darkest Nottinghamshire!

My impression of this design collection?  Well, it sort of reminds me of Oceans 11.  Remember Julia Roberts as Tess?  I can see Julia wearing these designs....strolling through the Bellagio.....on her way to meet up with.....hmmmm....I know Danny Ocean was her ex....

I do like to be beside the seaside....

This is when we went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibit at the American Museum in Bath!  I posted a link to my Facebook page of photos....but some of you have asked that I post them my next blog post will be ALL ABOUT KAFFE!

There has been some discussion amongst my knitting buddies about the relevance of Kaffe Fassett to the "younger" knitting generation.  Kaffe hit the knitting scene big time with the publication of Glorious Knitting in 1985....that's 29 years ago!  (confession time....Even though I am enthralled with Kaffe....I have to admit to actually never knitting one of his designs!)  Does the name Kaffe Fassett ring a bell for you....what do you think about you know him for his quilting, knitting or needlepoint?  Does he still, after all these years, amaze and delight you?

Kaffe is celebrating his 50 years in the textile industry....and I think he is an icon in the world of fibre arts.  What do you think?

Happy Knitting!

Anne :)

All good things....

Well, I missed the morning of Day 2 (Thursday) at "The Mill".
While all of the other RA's were having breakfast and then on the bus, I was already down in the local Health Centre waiting for a 10:15 appointment!  I recognized the symptoms and knew that I had a UTI!  Not the thing to ignore at any time, but especially troubling when on I had been at the Clinic when it opened at 8:00 am and had secured an appointment.  Everything went well and I was in a Taxi with medication in hand, on my way to the mill....I arrived just before lunch was served!  Yes, excellent timing! :) (Sorry if this is too much information for you ha ha ha!)

Unfortunately, I MISSED the discussion about Rowan chooses them, why they discontinue yarns, what they have in the pipeline for future seasons...yes, new yarns are chosen maybe 2 years in advance?  It takes that long for the whole process of identifying a need, developing a yarn, deciding on shades, having it produced…

My Mystery Afghan is finished - YEAH!

My last blog post about the Rowan Ambassador visit to the Mill is delayed, due to my need to CELEBRATE the completion of my +RowanYarns  Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan!

Pictures are worth a thousand words right?

These photos were taken BEFORE the final wash and block....because I was determined to finish this by July 31.  I snipped off the last end at 10:45 pm last night!

This KAL was a major undertaking, even for someone like me who KNIT'S A LOT!

I congratulation ALL of you who took part in the Rowan Yarns Pure Wool Worsted Mystery KAL.

If you have finished yours - STANDING OVATION! I hope you entered Rowan's Photo Competition on Facebook and on Ravelry!

If you are still working on it - CARRY ON AND FINISH! IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

Just hearing about the Rowan Afghan KAL?  Although the KAL itself is over....the pattern is still available on the Rowan web site here!

I am amazed that I actually knit this gorgeous afghan!  It is soft and warm...and I know it will be the f