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Fair Isle Knitting Patterns

Fair Isle Knitting Patterns
Reproducing the known work of Robert Williamson
by Mary Macgregor

ISBN 978 I 904746 49 9

published by The Shetland Times Ltd.
Gremista, Lerwick

Tel: 011 44 1595 695531
They list a web site, but it isn't valid!!!

There is a warning in this's not about technique or the history of fair isle knitting. It's strictly a black/white reproduction of some typical motifs used for fair isle knitting in Shetland.
I got mine direct from the Shetland Times -- it's hot off the presses - and not shown in the 2008 catalogue!

If you are into designing your own you might want to add a copy to your personal library. As I said, you can never have too many motif references!

Happy Knitting!

It's like Christmas around here!

Today felt like Christmas.......
The post man brought me this...... You can see that Daisy approves!

I went to my LYS to pick up this........ It's Cascade 220 -- A chat on Ravelry showed that some of us have never knit with Cascade 220 - imagine! Well, it is THE MOST POPULAR yarn on Ravelry.....ranked no. 1 with 28,271 projects! So, I took it upon myself to get a skein from my LYS, Main St. Yarns in Milton Ontario where Carolyn has a wall of this stuff - 100 shades of solids and gorgeous heathers!!! and surprise, surprise, Carolyn had this for me too...... My AddiTurbo click system....complete with little gold heart pin!!! (I'd ordered it a long time ago!) Life is good...... Happy Knitting

"He's just not that into you!"

I was fortunate to attend a preview of the movie "He's just not that into you" last night. Set in Blatimore, with a fabulous ensemble cast -- Ben Affleck Jennifer Aniston Drew Barrymore Jennifer Connelly Kevin Connelly Bradley Cooper Scarlet Johansson Justin Long Every young woman who has agonized over what that guy she just met thinks about her, is he going to call?, he said he'd call!, should I call??? REALLY needs to watch this and get a grip!!!! I went with a group of friends -- we're all of the same age and we've all been there once (or twice) in our it was a great girls night out movie for us "mature" movie goers, and it would be great movie night out for everyone young and old. I give it 4 out of 5 Knitting Needles!