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And the WINNER is...... Rowan Magazine 54 Giveaway!

WOW - What an exciting draw!  Thank you everyone who entered here and on my Facebook page Life Lackadaisical.

This involved some major math - 

So here's how it added up - 16 comments here (I even counted the Anonymous one with no name :)
55 comments on my FB post
with an additional 265 entries by "Like"ing my FB Page...(some Likes are either Pages, or are hidden and therefore can't be included from my total 316 likes)

for a total of 336

That's No. 33 - that's the 16 blog comments and down to the 17th comment on the Life LackaDaisiCal post - who is that?
Jocelyne Bouilliot
Congratulations Jocelyne!!!!
I have just send Jocelyne a message via Facebook!

I extended the closing date for this draw until the day my Rowan Stockist LYS (That's The Needle Emporium) receives their copies of Rowan Magazine 54! 

Magazine 54 has FINALLY arrived at my local stockist The Needle Emporium....and I have the proof!


The Dog Days of Summer.....

If you are in an area suffering with the heat right now - I hope you can stay cool!

Life LDC Goes to Camp! Knitting Camp!

This is, the 5th Annual Needle Emporium Knitting Camp!

I just love Muskoka in the Fall.  The leaves are turning, there is a crispness to the air and you get to wear sweaters!  It might be warm during the day, but yes, sweaters are usually required for your evening stroll.  What could be better than Knitting Camp, in Muskoka, in the Fall!

A whole LONG weekend of someone else making the meals and cleaning up, someone tidying your room and leaving you free to attend classes, knit at your leisure, and enjoy the comfort of the fabulous Bayview Wildwood Resort!

September 19-22!  There are options - Arrive Thursday evening and stay right through until Sunday lunch!  Get the whole shebang - a Thursday fun night, 4 workshops, Friday night Fashion Show, all of your meals Thursday dinner to Sunday Lunch.

Or arrive in time for Friday Lunch or Friday Dinner - customize your weekend to suit you!

With three talented Instructors offering 12 different workshops...

Fiona Ellis - her designs are everywh…

Rowan Magazine 54 - available July 15.....unless....

Rowan have added to their yarn range, and produced some amazing design collections for the Autumn/Winter season.  Rowan has released preview photos on the Knit Rowan web site!  This is a new thing for Rowan - they have always kept everything under wraps until the actual release date!

Are you on Ravelry?  Ravelry is buzzing with conversation about the new designs and yarns.

There is a Rowan A/W KAL Thread on the Rowan Love group - it's where everyone is talking about the projects they want to knit from Magazine 54 and the new brochures!

Are you a subscriber?  Have you received your copy yet?  What do you think?  What designs are calling out to you!  I've already started on one.....but I'll save that for next time!

All Cottons are not the same.....

They look totally different...don't they?

The Handknit Cotton is spun firmly - there is absolutely no give, which is to be expected from a cotton yarn.

The Softknit Cotton looks thicker, cushier,'s like a tiny I cord....I guess that's why they called it Softknit right? When you pull on it, there is a definite give to it - something that I personally LOVE about this yarn.

These two yarns knit to the same anything that can be knit in Rowan Handknit can be knit in Rowan'll just get a different feeling knit fabric - one softer and drapier, the other crisper.  Isn't it great to have a choice?

You have to remember to adjust the number of balls you need, as Softknit Cotton has 105 metres while the Handknit Cotton is 85 metres to the ball.

To launch the Softknit Cotton, Rowan has produced a new pattern book......

The Softknit Collection!
They have listed the yarn requirements for both yarns - so they've done the math for you!

If …

From inspiration to final designs - Rowan Magazine 54

Marie Wallin, Head Designer for Rowan Yarns has recently created a web page, Marie Wallin, she's on Facebook and she's Blogging too!

Here is the intro to her recent blog post....go on over and say Hi!

I thought I would give you an insight into the shoots and trends behind the stories in Magazine 54 and show you my favourite designs from the collections. I hope you enjoy it!

Looks like the Autumn Winter Rowan Collection is going to be fabulous!

Happy knitting!

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