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Shadow Box Cowl

A quick iPad photo of my Shadow Box Cowl.

After seeing Candice's cowl last year done in Rowan Lima....I've been wanting to knit one of these myself. So....when I started the socks in Lima...that just pushed me over the to speak....and more Machu Pichu Lima was obtained on a trip to The Needle Emporium.....

Although Lima isn't at all similar to the suggested yarn in this pattern....I knew from Candice's cowl that somehow it worked.

In an unusual cavalier attitude for me, I just cast on.....for the largest size and started knitting. The pattern calls for a gauge of 13 sts and 25 rows to 10 cm.

There is a lot of knitting in this cowl...knit in the round, one round of knit, one of purl, gives a lovely squishy garter stitch. You knit straight up to the shoulder point where you decrease on one side to define a shoulder...while continuing straight up on the other. A very unique design that I was intrigued with.

A few days of intense knitting and it was done.....6 bal…

My way......

On my needles right now......the Rockfall Socks from Rowan 52 in lovely Lima.... The leg is done...and I've decided to adapt this pattern to make boot top warmers...sort of leg warmers you wear under your boots....either under...or over your I'm finishing them by knitting a stirrup sort of strap.....

I think they'll look great with my boots.

Happy Knitting!

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Be careful today....

These two dates, 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 are divinely linked.The 12.12.12 is the gateway to what will transpire on 12.21.12.  Thus, the gateway that you align with on the first date will determine what world you see when the gate opens on the following date.  Are we saying it is important what you are doing and being on these dates?  Yes, and particularly where you are and what you are focused upon on 12.12.12 will be significant.  Needless to say, what you will be focused on will likely be determined by all you have done in preparation during this year 2012 and leading up to it.

I'll be in a yarn shop today - what about you?


With a bit of finagling...

,..the crossover has been fixed... And I think it looks good!

We've had light dustings of snow the last couple of these will come in handy soon.

Happy knitting.

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Oh no!

Can you see it! The twist that's going the WRONG way....

Drats......serious repairs are required.....when things were just humming along.....

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Eeek! I almost forgot! - REVISED!

I have been thinking about all of the lovely projects from Rowan Magazine 52 and the Tweed book I want to knit this winter, never mind a few small little things.....there never seems to be enough time.

Then this arrived today....oh no, at least 3 projects added to the list...a sweater, fingerless gloves and a scarf.....maybe another sweater.

Hey Rowan....I'm wondering if you are producing too many lovely patterns!?!

Anyone else think this way?

Then it hit me, January 2013....just a little over 4 weeks away.....Rowan magazine 53 will be released.

I need to renew my Rowan Subscription!

Eeeh gads! I just renewed, picked my yarn gift.....and hopefully Magazine 53 will arrive in January...and I'll add yet more projects to my list.

Being a knitter is never boring.

Better renew your Rowan subscription now for uninterrupted delivery!

REVISED!  I have just been advised that my current membership includes magazines 52 and 53 - so I'm good for magazine 53 - and Rowan are going to refund me…

New (to me) yarn....

The Rockall Socks from Rowan 52, in Lima.....shade 885 Machu Picchu.....sort of orange wouldn't you say?

This is the first time I've knit with Lima...I have a sweater lot in's so lovely and soft.

Tonight I had my first cup of Taylor's of Harrogate Spiced Christmas Leaf tea. Notice it's orange label? And it has orange peel in it!

Yes, the orange trend continues....and yes, I know I'm being annoying LOL.

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My Blog List.....

In this dynamic find the list of blogs that I read......see the pop out menu at the right of the post....there it is....right under the filing cabinet icon (which leads you to the archives of this blog)....

I must admit, I used to read blogs via Bloglines.....and now I sort of just read the blogs of my Ravelry friends.....and I have neglected to post here the blogs that I read ALL THE TIME!

So, today I had a bit of a clean out.....and I've added a new blog to the blog list.....

Can you spot it???  

Click on the header and it will transport you to Dorothee's French!  Don't worry!  She has a very handy translator widget running across the top of the blog, right under this header - click on the language you prefer and's like magic!

It seems that Dorothee and I share a similar taste in knits.

So Dorothee and I are on Google+, and we have put each other in "a circle"......a circle of two right now LOL!!!

I'll be adding more blogs…

Google+ versus following?

I'm not sure how Google+ works just yet....but I'm on Google+ and a few people have contacted me to be in their does this work compared to following a blog I wonder.  So you'll notice a Google+ link at the bottom of each post, along with a Twitter and Facebook link.

Google+ needs more research......

In the meantime....more orangy knitting......I pulled out some more Jamieson's Shetland Heather in Gingersnap (you have to be logged in to Ravelry for this link to work)......stay tuned.....

Remember these?  Well yes, Daisy found them.  I had to make her promise not to tell Lackie about their Christmas presents!  She has agreed to grudgingly.....can't you just see the look of consternation on her she's saying....huh, I can't have my ball because precious little Lackie has to have a Christmas surprise!  

Sibling rivalry!

Living with Orange....


Colours of Shetland.....available now!

Kate Davies fans are all excited about this.  In case you didn't on the photo for full disclosure!

I'm confused....

It seems that this happens all the time! - on the left - the UK version, on the right, the US version...... it took me a while but I got the one on the left because I liked it better!
Yes, I am particular....hopefully in a good way LOL!

Winter is coming.....?!?

Nope, Winter is here!  Yesterday we got our first real taste of snow.....

I was in town and while driving home saw the first snow accident!  We didn't have all that much snow people!  Of course, the first real snow of the season and drivers forget how to drive!