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Goldilocks the Knitter and the Three Swatches :)

What is she talking about? you say.....yes, I can hear you!

It's the tale of Goldilocks the Knitter, and the Three Swatches!

Yes, some knitters think that only in fairy tales do you need to swatch......

Let me introduce Rowan's new yarns for Spring/Summer 2016.....

Summerlite DK (100% cotton), which is a dk version of their Summerlite 4ply.

It comes in a range of 16 shades and is the finest of Egyptian cotton.

and SoftYak DK, a combination of Cotton (76%), Yak (15%) and Nylon (9%)  spun in a chainette style.

Softyak DK comes in a range of 14 shades, and the mix of Cotton and Yak fibre gives a depth to the have to see it!

BOTH ARE DK YARNS! Remember that, it is Key to the Fairy Tale, er Story! 

Both have gorgeous yarn specific design booklets!

Well, guess what? Since both of these new yarns are can knit ALL of the designs in both collections in either yarn!
Rowan makes it easy for you, by providing yarn conversion tables right there in the back!

Goldilocks, being of …