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My new bujo life!

I'm sure you've heard about Bullet's all the rage! (Just put bullet journaling into Google and there are 521K results - Bullet Journal: The Analog system for the digital age!

It seems that busy people are turning away from their smart phones and tablets, to organize their life on PAPER!!!

Well, when I heard about this I was frankly intrigued, because I'd never really got the hang of keeping all of my appointments on my iPhone. Some things got recorded there, others on the kitchen wall calendar, and the worst thing was the things that didn't make either of them and were floating around on pieces of paper or the backs of business cards!

Let's face it, I'm retired and lead a fairly normal (i.e. mundane) life :) so I don't have tons of appointments.

Last year I was particularly busy with personal appointments. I'd had dental surgery that went wrong, requiring emergency oral surgery, which then required many follow up appointments; then there…