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Don't you just love swatching?

I've already introduced this yarn in my post of October 8!

Available in 8 shades!  All named for dances like Bolero, Conga and Foxtrot....the shade used here is Rumba 546.  (I received this skein as a hand out at a workshop weekend from Martin Storey...yes, the Martin Storey....more about this weekend later!)

Go to Rowan's Fine Art Aran page for more details!

This yarn has already arrived at my local Rowan stockist The Needle Emporium...has it reached your LYS yet?

Rowan plans to release a collection of favourite designs re-knit in this new luxurious yarn....but of course, you can use it for any design that knits up to the 19 sts and 25 rows to 10cm gauge in stocking stitch!  (My cowl swatch just proved that!)

Swatch Cowl Details:  Using a 4.5mm 40cm circular needle, cast on 100 stitches, join in the round, and knit until you only have enough yarn to cast off with!  Lightly steam iron to uncurl! Voila!

I love just playing with skeins of are some photos.....

I onl…

The "Lonely Tree" Shawl

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"The Lonely Tree Shawl"
by Silvia Bo Bilvia

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Yarn: Lorna's Laces Haymarket, in the shade "Flushing"

Where'd I get my yarn?  At The Needle Emporium Knit Camp!

I was determined not to buy any more yarn at Knit Camp... I'd arrived with a bit of my own to knit up, but I fell head over heels for this lovely shawlette and bought a skein of Lorna's Laces Haymarket on the spot.  I just couldn't resist the Flushing shade! It is hard to describe and hard to photograph.....
I cast on when I got home from Camp, and cast off on our way to cottage country for the Thanksgiving weekend! I ended up needing to wear it as it was cold out on the water!

Easy Folded Poncho

A little Life LackaDaisiCal fairy tale.....

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by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

there are 186 EFP's done in Felted Tweed on Ravelry

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Yarn: +RowanYarns Felted Tweed DK, shade Treacle (145)

My Rowan Stockist - The Needle Emporium

I love the sheer simplicity, the rhythm of stocking stitch....yes, it's a lot of stocking stitch!  
When "yarning up" for this project, I knew I wanted the shade "Treacle" but I didn't have enough in my stash for the project.  I had 4 and I needed 7!  So what's a knitter to do! Well, you go to your LRS and buy some more!  I'd had my stash of Treacle for a while, so of course the new dye lot didn't match....solution?  Buy 4 of the new dye lot and do two rows of each...alternating them throughout the project.  The result is a subtle stripe effect...nothing obvious...but you know it isn't just a plain old knit!
Should I add …


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from her collection"Smoulder"

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Yarn: +RowanYarnsKid Classic, Shade 872, Earth

My Rowan Stockist - The Needle Emporium

I thought this "Earth" shade of Rowan Kid Classic yarn would look wonderful photographed outside with a backdrop of glorious autumn leaves! I had planned to go back into the wood lot on the farm next door....but on Friday the wind was howling and outdoor photography was frankly scary and would have been foolish among a stand of old trees. Alternative arrangements had to be made!  

I was attracted to the Claudia design in "Smoulder" because it was a stylish, but plain knit...f you know what I mean! A classic sweater in stocking stitch...with a seed stitch and moss stitch bottom border that is left open as a side slit.  I also loved the K3P2 deep rib on the sleeves.  I did take note of the wide neckline and the off-shoulder photo…