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Preliminary Book Review - Road Movies by Alice Starmore

I've finished "The Golden Compass"..........I'm going to save my thoughts on that for another post. The anticipation was killing me, I had to start "Road Movies".........

What a coincidence that quite a bit of what I've read so far deals with being in and around Washington.....and here I am about to get on a plane tomorrow to fly to Dulles Airport for MS&W!

Trying to figure out when this Road trip took place........Ms Starmore has had meetings with Taunton Press about their publication of her "Fair Isle Knitting" book, and then she meets with Random House in New York about the "Sweaters for Men" book......."Fair Isle Knitting" was published October 88 and the "Sweaters for Men" was publish in 89 -- and it's around St. Patrick's Day - so this makes it March of 88 when she's driving around the US in her White Thunderbird rental car..........and she loves music......lots of references to music of the ti…

I can't possibly be the first......

To get a box in the mail, that contained something so nicely wrapped that you don't want to open it, almost.......but you know what it is and you can't wait!

I have about 20 pages of The Golden Compass to finish before I start this.

I'm hoping that this book gives me some insight into the author, we'll see.

On the road again....

On the knitting road that is -- I love knitting/fibre related adventures.

For years I've wanted to go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. This year it was looking guild was going to run a bus tour...what could be greater than a bus full of knitters headed to the biggest party in town!!!! Unfortunately, not enough knitters signed up, so the trip was cancelled.

Then I thought of my knit travel buddy Phylis who lives very close to the festival and goes every year. An e-mail or two later and it was all arranged -- and so I'll be there and hope to meet up with some of my fellow bloggers.

Let me know if you'll be there -- and maybe we can think of some way of recognizing each other?

Happy Knitting!

Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks

Knit in Opal hand-dyed yarn, these socks were a fun knit -- unusual (to me) arch and heel.

I wish now that I'd knit one size smaller, so I bought another skein of yarn to do just that!

Daisy wondes when it's going to be Spring.....she's still sleeping on the heat registers.

Happy Knitting!

New Template...

Oh dear, change the colours on your template, and look what lose a lot of your links......

so while I'm fixing that up, look what showed up in the mail today!

Courtesy of Wee Ones, a Etsy store!

Thank you to Lorraine for pointing these out to me!