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The Sights of London

We had to walk over the Millenium Bridge........have you seen the latest Harry Potter where this bridge is destroyed in the opening??????Alan, ever the engineer, had a good look at how it was constructed. Then we got our tickets for.....The London Eye -- We met a lovely couple from California who asked me to take their photo - and they took ours in return. I had to show of "The Knitter" Issue 9 which I'd picked up earlier that day in Victoria Station.
You can't believe how big this thing is -- each pod holds about 30 people and it moves so slowly -- those are the Parliament buildings at the top right of this photo. to be continued....


Carrie ask me if I took photos inside the V&A -- well, just for you Carrie!
I was surprised that they let you take photos in the Museum.....I didn't really think about taking many photos -- my visit to the V&A focused on the Fashion exhibit. After that we wandered about here and there. But honestly, when you are in London for only a few days, I didn't want to spend my whole visit in Museums.........maybe next time!

Knitted by Nanas...

Check this out -- watch the films and visit the Rec Room!

London - Victoria & Albert Museum


A favourite of KaffeFassett.......the V&A.....our first "London tube" adventure.....just reading the tube map was intense....but once you get the hang of it.....easy!

Wanting to replicate the photo of "himself" sitting on the steps, knitting - well, I forgot my knitting and there was already someone sitting in "his" spot.....and I wanted the V&A banner in the shot, so this is all wrong, I'm in the shade, but you get the picture right? If you don't know what I'm talking about (???) here's a link to the KaffeFassett interview video.This is the courtyard of the museum - a paddling pond, and.........a tea room! There's Alan in the queue!You'll never guess what this is............I asked if you could guess what this is........Lorraine, no it's not KaffeFassett stitch markers LOL -- but yes Uhltje, it is the big and little blush buttons in theV&A washroom! So send me your address info by e-mail to me at anne at …

London - Day 1

Revised because I've just found our Vacation notes.

We've been back a few days......and now that things have settled back into our normal routine (it's scary how fast that happens isnt it?).....I'll share a little bit of our trip to London.

As a huge fan of PBS Mystery, and the P.D. James Dalgleish series, I had to go see this.....

Unfortunately, due to security, the front entrance is all blocked off and you have to enter by a small entrance further down, after showing your ID........

This is the morning we arrived in London -- so we've arrived, taken the Heathrow Express into Paddington, queued up for a London Black Cab, driven to our hotel (everything takes you by Buckingham Palace, around Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park LOL!!!), we've dropped our bags off because it's early, and we can't get into our room until 1 pm.....we're tired but so excited to start our London Vacation.

One thing we did was take the "Big Bus" tour around London - red d…

Baird Tartan


Still got the Rowan fever.....

Big time!
Swatching for the Shetland sweater in the Rowan 46 book. This is only half of the row repeat -- it's a huge motif - done in Rowan's Scottish Felted Tweed Aran -- lovely yarn! I loved the shades used in this sweater better than the Woman's I'll be using the Men's colorway for myself. I'll start this in earnest later this month....right now I'm knitting Birch from a while back - Rowan 34.
The photo doesn't do it justice -- it's in the most beautiful pale pink shade of Kidsilk Haze.
It's for a friend who'll need it in November so I have to knit it now!