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Lackie's First Christmas

Lackie has really started to come into his own -- 3 toilet rolls in the last 2 days -- it's my fault as because he has been so good, I've been less vigilant.
BUT, I did realize that a full-sized Christmas tree with all of those sparkly ornaments might be a bit much for his self control.
His track record is dubious -- he's already had an operation because two days before he was to come home with me, he ate a whole lot of stones, had an emergency operation, it was touch and go....but he lived to tell the tale. Needless to say I'm a little paranoid about him and stones (or anything else small and swallowable), so the first thing I did was teach him to "leave it" in return for a treat....but I still worry.......
So, instead of our large floor tree and my collection of ornaments, and tiny stuffed bears, this year I opted for a 4 ft. tree (purchased on a whim at Loblaws as I'd decided not to have a tree this year)....and thank goodness I got this tree as it has a…

A new look for a new year....

She Ewe Knits has had a makeover -- my focus is now original design, so a new look for She Ewe Knits was needed.....
While it's not totally finished, I hope you like the new look.
Daisy likes it!
Happy Knitting,