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No Sheep were harmed in this.....

Rumour has it that Simply Shetland, the North American distributor of Jamieson's Spinning Shetland yarns is going to be introducing a few new (old) shades to the shade card. Of course, all of this hasn't been confirmed (or denied)....and if it's true, we don't know exactly when these new shades will be available.....
I'm currently rounding up the usual suspects for questioning.....and I'll let you know as soon as anything has been confirmed.

Happy Knitting

"Fair Isle"

BeckyS commented...

Forgive my ignorance, I know very little about such things, but I am totally confused here.. what little I've read about Fair Isle is pretty much what Sandy put into her post about Fair Isle. So, can someone please enlighten me as to what was incorrect in her post? I hate having wrong information... makes me look like an idiot when I'm trying to be a know-it-all! LOL

Well Becky, Fair Isle was attributed to the Faroe Islands.......while Fair Isle is one of the Shetland Islands, which is where the true"Fair Isle" style of knitting was "invented" and it spread to the rest of Shetland. This may seem like a trivial mistake, but there is a particular style of stranded knitting that is traditionally Faroese also. (I notice it has been changed since the original publication.)

I feel it's important to recognize the difference between all of the different traditional stranded knitting styles. This is not my original opinion, just something I t…

Faroese Fair Isle - What a Joke!

"Did you know? The term "Fair Isle" refers to a special kind of stranded knitting, one in which the colors form one of hundreds of the traditional patterns of the Faroese Islands. If the pattern is not one of the traditional "Fair Isle" patterns, then even if it only uses two colors per row, it is more properly referred to simply as "stranded knitting." All Fair Isle is stranded knitting, but not all stranded knitting is Fair Isle, in other words."

Direct quote from Knitting Daily - I kid you not!

I got it!

I just got "Little Birds", so I went back and bought Bonnie by Fiona Ellis -- I love this idea!

You get to read the magazine for free, and if you really want one of the patterns you can instantly buy it -- no running around trying to find it somewhere....and the designer gets paid for every sale of their pattern.

I wish I'd know there was going to be a design using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, I'd of advertised.

You know the Spindrift recommended retail has gone up from $4.75 to $ much as we might not like it, these things have to happen. What with the manufacturer facing increased prices (like paying a fair dollar to the farmer for their fleece, salaries to keep their employees, and utilities that just always seem to be going up), and the distributor (who we expect to maintain a large stock on hand) with all of their expenses going up, including higher shipping costs with the price of oil right now, it all means that prices go up. The retailer (tha…

A Little Bird told me so...

Of course, I'm delighted to see designers using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift -- my all time favourite yarn.

First it was Jared's "Druid Mittens" on the cover of Vogue

and now it's "Little Birds" by Ysolda Teague in the first edition of Twist Collective!

I just bought "Little Birds".......made my paypal payment......waiting for delivery.......I've got my confirmation from pattern yet....should I be worried?

Twist Collective goes live!

I'm so excited.......I've got a cup of tea and I'm on the deck with my lap top, wirelessly connected to the net, reading the first edition of Twist Collective.

Back with a review shortly!