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Serious stuff.......

While I'm recovering from my trip, and getting organized to start blogging about it (starts next week), I'd like you all to take a moment to listen to this video -- it might be important for you or for someone you love.

Watch the video clip "The Silent Killer: Inflammatory Breast Cancer"

I'd never heard of this before..........

Only one more sleep....

That's how we used to count down to big events.....How many more sleeps 'til???

Well, I've only got one more sleep until the big adventure starts.....

This photograph was taken on my first trip to Shetland May 2003. Hmmm......this could be embarrassing! I'm going to be taking the same shirt, the same pants, the same shoes......but the hair and glasses will have changed. So knitters, I'll be back at the end of the month, ready to blog about Shetland -- have a great couple of weeks!

Lerwick, here I come!

Wet Daisy and Wet Wool

What a great combo! Yesterday, it rained like crazy, and Daisy was in an out as usual. This photo was taken through the screen door -- she's patiently waiting for me to let her in. I think she likes getting towelled down when she comes in all wet.

Erin was blocking on the Wooly Board, and I just loved the combined smells of wet Daisy and wet wool.

Well knitters, it took 8 weeks to finish Erin. I think this is the shortest time frame in which I've completed a Fair Isle sweater. You have to remember that I'm not a tiny person -- at 5'10 and well, let's not go there.......I'm a larger than average woman, and wear 46-48" circumference these are major knits.

There were days when I didn't touch my knitting needles -- and to compensate there were knitting marathons when I knit from morning to night. (Don't forget my Star Trek Second Generation marathon to knit the sleeves!)

But it was all worth it.......
Now, to add to the wet wool smell, I wa…

Erin.......finishing touches

I must say, that doing the Siamese Sleeves had both pros and cons.

It did seem to be easier (to me) to knit both sleeves together. No weaving in/out of shades, less shade changes (because you're doing them both at the same time).....but....

When you're finished, you have to do an underarm seam.
Pick up stitches around the armhole....
and finally, 3 needle bind off the sleeve into the armhole
Then I decided to put the buttons on -- and Daisy decided to help.Tip: I put the buttons where I think they should go, but don't tie off the yarn used to attached the button. Try the sweater on -- make sure the fronts match up! Nothing is more annoying than one side being slightly off when buttoned.I had to roll Daisy around to get to the buttonholes -- she just wouldn't give up her comfy spot on Erin.I spent the afternoon finishing the front, armhole and underarm steeks. And Erin is finished and on the wooly board to dry. I'll have the "final" photo tomorrow.

Sleeve Update.....

I've watched the full Season 1 DVD's for Star Trek Next Generation, and a couple of movies to get my sleeves finished -- well, the knitting part is finished.
Here they are -- Siamese sleeves. On the last round, I cast off the steek and edge stitches, and put the two sleeve stitches on separate needles -- easier to separate that cutting open the steeks......Then all you have to do is the underarm seam. Pick up stitches around the armhole opening. And three-needle bind off them together!I love this sweater -- I even love the way it looks on the wrong side!Off to finish the sleeves, put on the buttons, and finish off the steeks -- details of that later. Happy Knitting!

Hats off.....

Image all you Mothers out there.

Never having any children of my own, I have no first hand knowledge of the energy, dedication, and patience it takes to be a Mother.

Well, I'm getting just a little taste of it right now.....Babysitting Alfie for a friend.....

What!! You were expecting a baby? From me? You must be kidding. This is as close to babysitting as I get. It must be similar right? You feed them, burp them, clean up after them, cuddle them, and tuck them in bed. (While they are sleeping, you run around trying to get all of the stuff you should be doing done (like showering).

Actually, I decided to just forget everything else and focus on Alfie and Erin.

I really believe that these tiny little ones need a "buddy" to play with, so Daisy gave Alfie her "Tigger" (Daisy loves her Tigger. She stole, er, borrowed him from her obedience class!)Watch out for major Erin updates coming soon -- I intend to have this sweater done by next Thursday. Next Thursday? Why nex…

Siamese Sleeves

Well, it's that time again. The part of the knitting where I start to procrastinate......THE DREADED SLEEVES (to be said in a deep dark voice, in an echo chamber).

I am a traditionalist, I like to knit my Fair Isle sleeves by cutting open the armhole steek, picking up stitches and knitting down to the cuff. BUT, since I'm doing this sweater to a specific deadline, and I really want it to be FINISHED (yes, with both sleeves), I though drastic action might be necessary.

You'll see on Lucy Neatby's site this great technique she calls "Siamese Sleeves - for Steek connoisseurs" --

Check out all of her great tips in the Bosun's Locker --

Basically, her Siamese Sleeves technique is when you knit both sleeves, at once, on the same needle, in a round, separated by steeks. Well, I'm definitely a steek person, they don't worry me in the least -- and I'm pretty good at doing seams, so, …