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Loving Denim as I do, it makes sense that I'd love the Original Denim yarn by Rowan. It washes just like denim....the indigo dye fades off of the wear points...wash it in the machine, throw it in the dryer on hot and out it all it's indigo glory!

I love the contrast of the stocking stitch body and the textured sleeves!

I fell for the Thursford design in Magazine 59 the first time I saw it and knew that I had to knit it! While it is a basic sweatshirt style knit, raglan sleeves, wide's the little details that take it to a whole other level!
The textured sleeves! The subtle shaping in the back!

When Magazine 59 showed up here at Life LDC, I walked down to my yarn stash and pulled out some Denim, and cast on! 4 weeks later it was done and I've been wearing it....well, I've been LOVING it, ever since!
Since it was still winter here, there are no pictures of me sitting in a boat.....but I did have denim jeans with buttoned slash pockets to wear with my T…

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