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Eucalan Knitting Tour

Wool, the "Fabric of Life" tour presented by Eucalan and Denure tours - don't miss this fabulous tour - no affiliation - just another Eucalan lover.

Award Winning film.....

I found this via the Campaign For Wool web site.....lots of great stuff going on there!

The Railway Children

Hubby and I went to see this yesterday - drove to the Go Train/Bus station in Milton, caught the Go Bus into Toronto - walked from Union Station on the Skywalk to the CN Tower to see this amazing production of The Railway Children.

If you are in the area and get the chance - go see this fabulous production!

Here's a little taste of what it was like.....

We were very fortunate to have seats in the first row - lots of leg room for us tall folks!

Ontario Fibre Week - who knew?


You can't be on the platform, when you're sitting on the train!

Alan usually does a lot of video of the preserved steam trains when we are in the UK - but it's hard to do when you are sitting on the train!

At times, this train was doing 75 mph - how did we know?  Well, although this was a preserved train, with vintage coach stock, one of the fellows in our coach was rigged up with high-tech gps technology that monitored our progress - amazing!

Luckily there were A LOT of people following the train as we raced up the East coast line - when on the main line (you can tell if it's the main line by the overhead electrical wires) we were moving......when on secondary lines, we had to go slower - but there were people everywhere watching the train, taking photos and videos.