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Sneak Peaks....

A friend of mine is knitting the Silk Diamonds Scarf from Simply Shetland 4 -- she's using her own colourway and she let me photograph it when we met for lunch.....

I've never done any modular knitting like this -- looks very interesting.

A couple of you have asked me about the vintage design "Thoroughbred" by you know who -- what shades would I use if I were to knit it....well, I would love to knit it but I have other things on the go right now......but that doesn't stop me from swatching LOL!

So I'd use

It's hard to tell from the photo in Vogue, and looking at the original shades used in Vogue, and comparing them to the shades used in the Scottish Collection version.....I came up with my own colorway. I'm happy with it, but as I've never seen the original, I don't know how close a match it is.

The Thoroughbred design calls for 17 different shades - with two skeins of the main shade and only one each of the other.......that's 18 balls -- would…

First FO of the New Year!

And the last FO of last year -- here they are together.

So sad, but the orange socks that I knit were too small for DH, so I had to knit him this blue/grey pair - both Opal sock yarns. Mine have been washed a couple of times and the yarn has bloomed and softened wonderfully. DH's pair are hot off of the needles tonight.

First finished object of 2008! Here's to many more!

Happy Knitting

Happy New Year- January 2008 Special!

Let's start the new year off with a sale on
(formerly marketed as "herself's Bainin")

Regularly $10.75 per 100 gram skein (163 yard/149 metres)

January special - $7.00 per skein

This yarn is a traditional aran weight firmly spun yarn -- for those traditional Aran designs you've always wanted to do.

This offer is limited to in-stock yarns only -- all 19 Fabulous Shades are in stock.

For further details, visit the "News & Specials page at She Ewe Knits.

Note: This is a clearance sale of current stock to make way for new 2008 stock which will have a price increase.

Happy 2008!

SNOW! It won't be long til we're up there in snow......snow..... during the holidays we went to see Irving Berlin's White Christmas -- a favourite movie of mine so I had to see it live at the Sony Theatre in Toronto.

While Christmas itself was white, but not fresh white......we started the new year off with a new fresh blanket of snow....

Enough to be snowed in until reinforcements came to dig us out!

"You sure I won't get lost out here?"
(Sorry for the camera angle, ahem, but I just couldn't resist LOL!)