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Orkney has commenced!

Finally!  Sometimes I just get paralyzed with the whole casting on for a new project thing.  So....I started with a sleeve....the shades used are lovely - the combinations are different....and although I am a very conservative dresser....I am really quite excited about this sweater.  I think it is going to be so different from my other "fair isle" cardigans.

I am knitting the sleeve in the round - on 3.25 mm bamboo needles.  I'll probably switch to two circulars when I can.  It's going relatively quickly......

The front no button band look is still stumping me.  Do I knit this sweater in pieces and go for the whole vintage sweater vibe?

OR, do I do my usual thing and convert it to knit in the round - and add front bands for the buttons and button holes.

Only time will tell.  Right now I'm enjoying the knit.

for the LOVE of ROWAN,


I'd buy their printer just because of this!

Another great wooly video!

Updated - Guess what's sitting in my yarn room right now?!?!?
Just call me weak!

This video was discussed on Ravelry - it's Iceland!!!!

Campaign for Wool.....knitting on a train!



The colours are still spectacular - Autumn is my time of year!

Shade Cards...



As I write this, I can see that there are 10,164 Citron shawlette projects listed on Ravelry.  I can see why this is such a popular knit.  After seeing a few of these on Ravelry done in the Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe - I HAD TO HAVE ONE!
Here's my favourite way to wear my Citron......Roll it up, starting with the long flat will look like this....
Then turn it so that the end ruffle is going up towards your face, and do a once over is so gorgeously luxurious!

Oh oh, look what followed me home!!!!

Happy Knitting!

In Search of Autumn Colours....

Last week we took "the kids" and went north to Gravenhurst in Muskoka to see the trees in their Autumn finery.
On the way there, we stopped at Webers - this is a FAMOUS hamburger place on Highway 11 - there is even a walkway over the highway so that you can stop when travelling on the opposite side of the highway.
There is a railway dining car and lots of tables outside - it was a gorgeous day so we ate out back.
Usually we go up and back to Gravenhurst just as a day trip.  This year we decided to stay over a couple of nights in a hotel right in the Gravenhurst was lovely.

We could take the dogs for a walk on the rocky point just by the hotel - they loved it!
It was a great walk for them - lots of rocky places to climb up on - the kind of walk where you really have to watch your footing!  They weren't scared of going right to the edge!

While there, we did the RMS Segwun steam boat cruise - it was a lovely day and we really enjoyed it.
Here we are - doing our las…

How it all interview with Stephen Sheard

At the Kaffe lecture the other night, he mentioned meeting Stephen Sheard in the early 80's.....

“I remember he was just wandering past and he saw these cotton chenille yarns we were developing. I think we maybe had one or two colours and he asked what the colour range was,” remembers Sheard.

For more, go to this article on the World Textile Information Network (WTIN) site.

(A young Kate Moss wearing Susan Duckworth's Eclipse Handknit design from Rowan Book No. 10.....yes, THAT book - the one with Kate Moss wearing Kaffe's Kilim design on the cover!)

Kaffe comes to Town!

Well, not our town, but a town 90 minutes away!

I saw on the Kaffe Fassett web site that Brandon and Kaffe were doing a North American tour in October....and yes, he was going to be at Red Red Bobbin in Brantford.  The quilting workshop was already full (could have been born again as a quilter there!) but there were tickets available for a talk given by Kaffe about his autobiography - "Dreaming in Color".  When I called about the ticket, they told me that the book had just arrived in the shop - I jumped in my car and off I went to pick up a copy!
I told you at the time that I basically read it right I was interested to hear Kaffe himself talk about it.  I've taken classes with him and heard him talk before, so while I was reading the book, I could hear him saying everything in his Kaffe way..........

When we arrived, we were checked in and given our very own Kaffe fabric tote bag!  How gorgeous is this!

After the talk Kaffe graciously signed books -  I had him s…

For the LOVE of ROWAN

For the LOVE of ROWAN

I've been talking Rowan for years....mixed in with my daily life and other knitting "habits"....
but as I've decided that life is too short to's time to focus on what I love...
Rowan Yarns - so that's why the new blog name....