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My Year of Fair Isle - March Update!

March was a month to catch my breath after the frenzy of knitting Lerwick for 4 months steady!

I tidied up my living room (OMG it was a nightmare) and put everything away that I'd received during those months, and all of the things I'd pulled out to look at or play with from my stash!

My March Update Video is up and here's what I cover....

1:19 Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

March was EYF month. Instagram was full of EYF posts....and the EYF video blogs are out too!

Did you go? Have you been? Do you want to go some day?

EYF is a unique fibre fest.....held in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange building....knitters come from all over the world to this event. The EYF organizers invite podcasters to come...provide a "podcaster lounge" for them to meet and greet (each other and their on line community). The lounge this year was sponsored by Blacker Yarns...I'm sure all of the podcasters were thrilled to be there and enjoyed every minute.

I know I'm not the usual podcaster..... I …