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Delighted with D'Arcy

I've wanted to share my D'Arcy for a while now....but taking photos is problematic at the best of times...trying to get myself together, the hubby in photographer mode, the right light and the planets aligned. Can't be too tired or too rushed...or it just doesn't work.
So today, I said to heck with it, and took some selfies.

D'Arcy, Rowan Magazine 58
This design incorporates both knit and crochet (a signature style of Marie Wallin) knit in Fazed Tweed, a unique yarn which I blogged about previously

Fazed Tweed yarn is absolutely wonderful to knit with, and the resulting fabric is so luxurious! This sweater knit up quickly...then there was just the crochet sleeves to go. 
I'm a novice crocheter....learning the stitches is one thing, reading a pattern is I must have ripped out my first sleeve at least 4 times! Luckily I had extra yarn, so I decided to abandon my first effort and start over with fresh yarn to complete my crochet sleeves.

The combination of …

An Epic Knit-a-Long!

Marie Wallin has started a twelve month (yes, a year long) Fair Isle Blanket Knit-a-Long!

When you join, you are sent your first square, detailed yarn requirements for each block, a beautiful portfolio (to store your patterns in) and a lovely project bag!

Each month thereafter, you receive details of the Fair Isle block for the month. Each block when finished measures 18" square.

The yarn used is +Rowan Yarns Felted Tweed.

Twelve 18" squares over Twelve Months - I'd say that was EPIC!

While Marie's design calls for the squares to be knit flat, I've decided to knit them in the round. You can see the steps of my process here in my Facebook photo album...where I will continue to post updates.

A 12 month fairisle blanket knit-a-long! design by Marie Wallin Designs. Knit in Rowan Yarns Felted Tweed.
Posted by Life LackaDaisiCal on Monday, 23 November 2015
I love fair isle....and I'm going to LOVE the finished blanket!

For more information on Marie's 2015 Blanket Club…