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Oh dear, are you going to be in big trouble.....

Daisy says....."Oh dear, are you going to be in big trouble Lackie." What do you mean Daisy? Anne isn't playing with this ball, so I'm playing with it - she won't mind.....will she?
This WAS a ball of Rowan Cocoon that I wanted to swatch with. Actually, the only damage was to the label - the yarn itself is fine. Wish I'd have seen the antics he did to get it all over the livingroom like this.
Happy Knitting!

Rowan Shetland sweater

It's coming along....I'm doing the front bands and Addi Turbo interchangeable set is coming in handy -- I joined together to of the cords to make it long enough to hold all of the stitches.
I can't wait to finish this so that I can wear it!

Happy Knitting

This is too adorable....

But I still can remember.....

P1020715, originally uploaded by fairislefanatic. our shady corner by the pool.

We had to get up early to claim a shady spot (they were hard to get) before breakfast. At first it was hard to get up early....but it came to be one of the best parts of the day -- before everyone else was up and about. We weren't the only ones who enjoyed the early mornings.This was the spa pool -- the building shown here is the new spa facility where you could go for massages, facials, pedicures and manicures.

What a difference.....

P1020762, originally uploaded by fairislefanatic. Came home to LOTS OF SNOW!