Oh dear, are you going to be in big trouble.....

Daisy says....."Oh dear, are you going to be in big trouble Lackie."
What do you mean Daisy? Anne isn't playing with this ball, so I'm playing with it - she won't mind.....will she?

This WAS a ball of Rowan Cocoon that I wanted to swatch with. Actually, the only damage was to the label - the yarn itself is fine. Wish I'd have seen the antics he did to get it all over the livingroom like this.

Happy Knitting!


  1. When I think back about kids and pets, I think I remember that kids doing this would inspire the urge to kill (figuratively, speaking) but when it's the pets, we take pictures ☺☺☺

  2. LOL! Oh nooo. I like how Lackie added his toys to the mix... and notice how Daisy & Caelee are nowhere to be seen in the photo?! Wise ones. :)

  3. Looking adorable while making a mess! Love!

    I'm very happy Flour never ever played with yarn. She has gotten caught in it and tripped on it etc. Usually stops her dead and she then looks panicked until I untangle her.

  4. Anne- At least somebody had fun- all you can do is laugh.

  5. Oh Lackie, are you sure you're not corresponding with Malcolm?!! He's the only one of my guys who does the exact same thing...

    All you can do is laugh!

  6. Do you suppose Daisy and Caelee set him up and then laid low so he could take the fall? Spike knows better than to touch my yarn, but he does paw at my knitting bag (the one with the Westie on it) in order to get my attention.

  7. Oh no! That is too bad - but I can see my Westie doing the same thing - guess its time to put the yarn up!


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