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Down to the knitty gritty......yarn shops!

Wool shops visited while on the Wool, the Fabric of Life tour.....

In Edinburgh, after our city tour with a rather annoying tour guide (I wanted to ask him if he had a burr up his kilt LOL) - we had some free time and headed for K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique, a lovely little shop on West Bow street in the "old town".

Then we went up to Princess Street and popped in to John Lewis to visit the yarn department there!

Beckside Yarns & Needlecrafts
in Clapham, Yorkshire

Gorgeous little village - with a raging river running through it when we were there!  (It had been raining and the already saturated ground didn't catch much of it, so the rivers were flowing and the fields were flooding.)

While in York we visited Ramshambles and Poppy's  - but I didn't take photos for some reason!!?!??

So not a lot of yarn acquisition on this trip for me.....a Rowan Studio 24 at Rowan, some Rowan Fine Tweed in Edinburgh, a cashmere, yes, a cashmere sweater...and a few other …

Just follow me....

If you'd like to see more photos of the Wool Modern exhibit, as posted to the Campaign for Wool Facebook page.

I never get tired of...

Visiting London.  If you are a long-time reader of Shades of Shetland, you'll know that I am developing a strong affection for London - this is the third year in a row that I have been in London on this exact same weekend.  The two previous trips were prompted by Alice Starmore attending the IKnit weekends.

The Eucalan tour was supposed to end with the IKnit weekend event....but it was cancelled.

The group did a bus tour of London for a couple of hours in the morning, ending at the Tower of London, and then they did a few drop offs for groups of us that had plans for the afternoon.

Toft Manor....

There was a shop - that was swarmed by everyone on the tour - there were a few things left when we were done....but not much.

Toft are planning their first knitting pattern book.......the TOFT Pattern Book 1 which you can order......
and while visiting their web site I found this lookbook of their designs.....not sure if these are the designs in the pattern book though as a lot of these we saw in the shop - but gorgeous to look at nonetheless!

Then it was the long drive to London.....where we had dinner at the Strand Hotel before arriving at our hotel - the Millenium, Knightsbridge.

On our way to London Town....

We stopped to tour Chatsworth House.....

Like everything else in the UK (it seems) Chatsworth House is undergoing a renovation - in this case they are cleaning the stonework - so a big portion of the house was covered over......but unlike a lot of places, they allowed (and encouraged) photographs - and everywhere you looked there was something totally gorgeous or outrageous to photograph!

 This is just a small sample of the photos I took in Chatsworth - what a place - totally modern art mixed in with ancient tapestries......from the sublime to the ridiculous.....with an outdoor cafe and a restaurant pavilion - these guys know how to market themselves!  The parking lot was huge - and it was obvious that this was a day out destination for locals who arrived with their dogs for a wander in the 105 acres of garden.  You can stay at a nearby hotel or rent a holiday cottage on the estate - they have it all!  Despite all the totally in your face marketing of this place, I would go back again b…

Rowan - sigh....Warning - photo intense!


York and Harrogate.....