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Hibiscus Cardi updates....

Hi Anne:  You don't know me, but I love your patterns.  At the beginning of the year, I tackled your Fair Isle Hibiscus, and I love it.  I completed it for a dog show in Alaska in March.  I show Cairn Terriers, and I was working hard to make sure that my baby girl, Ivy, would finish her championship with me in your sweater.  It worked -- I'm wearing the sweater in Ivy's championship photo!  Then I entered it in our local County Fair (this week), and it took Best in Show of the handknitted adult sweaters.  Wow!  I'm so proud and wanted to thank you for the lovely pattern and the lovely challenge.  It was my firs attempt at steeks!!Have a great day!Heidi

Then, from LiisaB via Ravelry....

Wanted you to know that your lovely Hibiscus Cardigan pattern earned me a Grand Champion AND a Best of Show Ribbon at the Montgomery County Fair this weekend. The judges were gobsmacked and immed. came to Rav to find out how to get the pattern. T…

Scottish designer - Rachel Antonio

While visiting Blogland this morning - I checked in on Hjaltland Halo the official blog of Jamieson and Smith in Shetland (yes, the OTHER Shetland yarn company - long time readers will know that I am a Jamieson's Spinning fan - but you know you really have to stand up and clap for what J&S are doing these days - their web site - their blog - their promotion of designers - come on Jamieson's - get with the program! - oops, sorry about the rant!)

So Hjaltland Halo led me to Rachel Antonio's blog.....young Scottish designer, using traditional fabrics and fibre in an absolutely breathtaking way - Enjoy!

An amazing technicolour sheep coat!


Yoga Today

Trying to do a class - I set up my relaxing space, then the neighbour starts up his lawn tractor and the hubby let's the dogs out - oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Edited to say....."Toga Today" LOL - I didn't see that typo until today!!!


These addi clicks came in handy. I put the stitches I needed to re-knit on a separate cable, transferred the tips to this cable and worked back up....then put them back on the first cable and transferred the tips back and away we go! Whew....

Oh oh... Dropped a stitch!

Way back....frogged down 17 stitches...

Lackie makes himself comfortable

I like to sit out on the deck early before it gets hot - it's sometimes actually cool enough for a sweater - like this morning. But when it starts to heat up the sweater comes off - then someone else gets to 'wear' it so to speak. Never one to miss an opportunity my Lackie!

Tabard (say it with a French accent) LOL!

Everything you wanted to know about the "Tabard" just click through to

So I guess this IS a Tabard!!!

I wanted to show you the pockets - and a video seemed to be better than photos - so I thought I'd do this video with my I-phone - sorry for the shakes - but it's hard to hold the phone, video, talk and demonstrate at the same time LOL!

and the ultimate proof....