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The Kaffe Exhibit!

The Kaffe Exhibit at the Textile and Fashion Museum in London is closing on Friday.  A lot of people have attended - it has been their BEST show EVER...and a lot of bloggers have shared their photos.  Photography was a challenge - lots of items were behind glass...the lighting was dim to be frank....with spotlights on the displays - great when you are there, but not the best for photography.  Keep that in mind will you?
I wanted to do something I've made this slide show.  If you attended, I hope this reminds you of all of the fabulousness you saw there!  If you didn't manage to get there, I hope it lets you experience it the way I did......get yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

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The Fashion and Textile Museum, London
Kaffe Fassett Studio
Kaffe has had a long relationship with Rowan Yarns - more about this in future posts!

Kaffe designs for Ehrman Tapestry

Kaffe designs for Rowan Fabrics - they are gorgeous!

Hope you are having a great day - just …

Kaffe and friends...

In that little room, was another sweater that I thought was just amazing!

It was designed by Kaffe for Scottish Fashion Designer Bill Gibb, for his "Moon and Buddha" collection.

It was in a lit window box of glass - so very hard to photograph.  I almost didn't but decided, what the heck and went for it!

A small closeup photo of this coat appears on page 104 of Kaffe's Dreaming in Color autobiography.  I was intrigued when I saw that photo, and I was DELIGHTED when I saw this sweater displayed at the F&TM!

Kaffe designed the knitwear for Bill Gibb's collection for 15 years!  I've been hunting around the internet for photos but haven't found very much...

But I did find this.....another version of this's in the V&A storage, given to them by a Mrs. Sandi Lacey.  (I wonder who she is and what else she has in her closet!)  This one has a matching scarf...

Kaffe had, and still has, a love of repeating motifs.....this is a perfect example. …

Studio 30 ...the future of knitting!

If you have any little ones in your life to knit for (kids or grand kids), you'll love Rowan Studio 30.

"Folk influences were to be found for both adult and child's wear this season and Rowan Studio 30 offers a capsule wardrobe of knits for every little fashionista! From a cosy 'grandad' cardigan for boys to a pretty cape for girls. Hopefully this collection will have everyone wishing they were young again."

The Baby Merino Silk DK is a lovely yarn...and would make spectacular sweaters.  The Mom of my reviewer thought it expensive for a sweater for a child.  Yes, maybe I said, but a sweater knit in Baby Merino Silk DK would be something to enjoy now, and cherish for future would be creating a family heirloom!

She sighed...Mothers of 3 do that quite a bit I've noticed.)

Oh, and my reviewer's final choice? of the on-line patterns.  "It's green" he says!

Thank you to Rowan Yarns for providing a copy of Rowan Stud…

The little room on the left....

Almost before you even had your ticket taken, there was a little room on the left - lots of photos of Kaffe's youth in California with his family at their restaurant - it was too dim and dark in there for photos of black and white, let's see, here's a link to the Nepenthe web site.

Trivia Question:  What movie filmed (sort of) at the restaurant - starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton?

Nepenthe has been around a long time and look at this - Kaffe talks about the 60th anniversary of Nepenthe!

Did you know that Kaffe is not Kaffe's real name?  Do you know what his real name is???

While googling around, I came across a video...Big Sur narrated by  Richard Burton!  I'd never seen this before!  Elizabeth is shown being directed as she paints on the beach.....a close up of her laughing....oh my she was gorgeous!

Oh, want to have a look for yourself?

ok, ok...back to the exhibit.

In this small "introductory" room there was THE sweater that sta…

Sensory overload....

I thought about blogging about our trip and leaving Kaffe to the end....but frankly, I wanted to get right into these fabulous photos!

Oh yes, how did I manage it?  Well, we arrived back in London at 7:30 on a Tuesday night.  Our return flight was the next day.  Usually we are travelling from somewhere distant to Heathrow...and that means up early and in the car for the long drive.  It dawned on me that we would be in London...our flight was at 4:20....the F&TM opens at 11....Hubby insisted we were on our way to the airport by 1:00 at the latest...that's only 2 hours.....ok, we can do this!

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Every textile enthusiast knows his name....and we know it means colour!

Hubby and I were planning a trip to Switzerland.  We had always wanted to go there, to enjoy the fabulous scenery, the amazing transport system of trains, trams, buses and lake steamers, the swiss cheeses and of course chocolate!

Everything was booked and our British Airway tickets bought and paid for.  We would arrive on Sunday morning and catch an early Eurostar on Tuesday.  Great - plenty of time to see the Kaffe exhibit at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Not so fast Anne, the Fashion and Textile Museum is closed on Sunday and Monday each and every exceptions.  Why didn't I think to check on this before the tickets were booked!  Sometimes the most obvious things are the details we overlook!

I actually contacted Brandon Mably - he suggested I BEG!  I did - no results!  I was totally despondent to think that I'd be in London, the exhibit was still on (only a couple of weeks left) and …

It's a Wrap!

Want more information on the St. Pancras hotel and station restoration?  Visit here, here and here! Lots of information is on the internet if you want more!

Next blog post?  Photos from the Kaffe Fassett exhibit at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London!

Happy Knitting!

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