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It always looks worse......

Whew....that wasn't so bad at all!  All the stitches are on the needle!  Here is the offending V neck.....intact......I think I'll keep this as a reminder!
I had put a life line in before cutting..... so it was easy to snip along, and pick up the stitches as I went.

Let the Redux commence!

Pretty scary huh?

After removing the neckline and armhole finishing......... the shoulder seams have been undone and the back neck stitches  have been put on a holding thread, same for the back shoulder stitches....

I've picked up the stitches for the row I want to keep - and I'm going to cut off the top bit of the front and knit again.  I am not going to rip out - after all, the yarn can't really be reused and it would be too much work!  

Don't fool with Mother Nature....

or Rowan Patterns!

I tried it on and I have to admit.....I made a grave error with this sweater!  I deviated from the pattern!  At the time, I decided that the V neck was too short, and that I'd prefer a deeper V......I don't think I made it much deeper, but I did start the V in the flower motif - it should definitely have started a few inches higher!  With a shallower V, I think it would look great with a t-shirt just peeking up into the V.

So, I've made a momentous decision - I am going to take off the neckline and armhole finishing, undo the shoulder seams, and cut the offending V out of this sweater - I'll pick up the stitches and reknit the front.
WISH ME LUCK!!!!!  I'll need it!

Cutting it close.....very close...

I had seen Citron on Knitty and Citron on Ravelry - thought it was a great design - but when I saw Touran's Cool Citron (you have to be logged in to Ravelry for this link to work) done in Kidsilk Haze Stripe - well, I had to make one!

Nearing the end, I started to weigh my ball of Kidsilk Haze after each row........after repeat 5, I felt that I had enough yarn to complete the ruffle with the striped yarn.  (My alternate plan B was to use a solid Kidsilk Haze to do the ruffle.)

Down and down the scale readings went....each row of the ruffle took a full gram.  I ended up doing one less row for the ruffle, and was carefully binding off, watching the yarn get eaten up stitch by stitch.

 This is what I had left once I had bound off!!!  So little yarn that it doesn't even register on the scale!

Ahhhh, but it was worth every tense moment.....

I will do an Applose photo when I've gently blocked this.....

Kidsilk Surprise.....

I find this totally intriguing....I keep peeking inside the ball to see what is coming up next!

Taking advantage....

This time of year we like to take advantage of every good day and enjoy the outside - so last week we had tea and scones on the deck.....and I took some time to update my "60th year" Journal.


When I said I was a Kidsilk Haze addict, I wanted to link to this....

Rewind to this post if you are interested.

I confess...

I'm a Kidsilk Haze addict....remember this?

Well, Darlene of my Rowan Knitters Group is knitting the"Misty Shawl"which uses two shades of Kidsilk Haze stripe.

I was contemplating ripping this out and combining it with this......

to make one of these Misty Shawls.  BUT, my scarf goes really well with my purple t-shirt and a denim jacket, so I'm keeping it.......(and frankly the idea of ripping out a whole ball of Kidsilk Haze......)

DO NOT WORRY!!!! I am knitting up the new ball of Kidsilk Haze Stripe into something else.

Can you guess what?

Finn Applöse...


From start to finish....


Well, that wasn't so hard....

I'm actually wearing my Finn right now as I type's really chilly in the basement "studio" and I can vouch for how wonderfully warm the Rowan Felted Tweed Aran yarn is.......neck and front ribs to go and then we are done!

Happy Knitting!

The "Finn" ish line is in sight!


Rainy days are good for.....

I'm just finishing the 2nd sleeve of I'll let you have a look once it's done!

One sleeve done!


Orkney - Rowan 53

I'm all "stashed up" for Orkney from Rowan 52.  The Rowan Felted Tweed is lovely yarn - and these shades are gorgeous!

As I usually knit fair isle in the round, with steeks......I have to think about how I want to do this design because of the vintage feel of how the front button and buttonhole bands are done.........

I'm still thinking.