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Serious Knitting and Exercise going on here...


Exercise and knitting....

I find that when I'm in a real knitting groove - exercise drops off entirely -- and since I'm not a big exercise fan anyway - that means NO exercise LOL - well, the 3 x a week half hour trail walk with the dogs I always do, but as a serious knitter, I need SERIOUS exercise.

That's why we bought bikes -- and I've been getting my wheels back under me so to speak -- it's been a long time since I've ridden a bike -- with a few trips to the neighbours and some round the driveway between the cars, turns etc......we decided that this morning we were ready to go for our first round the block bike ride.

I live on a rural street -- with rural blocks -- I can't rightly recall how long it is to go round, but when we used to walk it - at a good clip it took an hour.

So off we went......up the first hill and I was thinking maybe go to the corner and back....but hubby pushed me on....he was a big fixed wheel bike rider in his youth - you should see his legs even now - so he …

It's been a long hot summer.....


Sounds like a fun day....

I love Herdy, and I love Rowan, and I love Wool.......what a great day these guys have planned.  Wish I was there!

"The Ghost Writer"

Directed by Roman Polanski

Starring:  Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams

with some great supporting actors....


The Sleeve...

So I've cut my sleeve steeks and tried my sweater on.....looking at it with a fresh eye as now it is actually on my person.

I did make it a little longer...and I'm looking at where the sleeve will hit my arm because to correspond with where the pattern falls on the body, where it meets under the armhole, and having to make the sleeve end with the main pattern and the garter stitch band, well, it's just a little longer than it should be or a little shorter than it should's just not right.

A decision must be made!

I've decided to go for full length I copied the chart, stuck it together, counted the stitches that I've picked up around the armhole opening for the sleeve, figured out how many rows it takes, decreasing every 4 rows.....a few decreases right away at the underarm......and marked up the chart with each decrease.....and we're ready to go.

Lorraine calls this sleeve island.....when you are stuck knitting sleeves and it feels l…



The bands.....

When knitting your bands - yes it's a bit tedious moving the working yarn from one side to the other -- it's important here to keep the yarn floating behind the stitches firm - again, moderation is the key - not too tight, nor too's worth taking your time to get nice front cardigan bands that don't pull or sag.  I started each row with an Olive stitch -- so that at the top and bottom of the band, to give that finished look where the bands meet.

I started each row with an Olive stitch -- so that at the top and bottom of the band, to give that finished look where the bands meet.

At this point I like to tidy up any ends hanging - all of those ends on the bands, and tidy up the steek edges - the neckline steeks and the front band steeks.  Once this is done, you're ready for the sleeves.
Happy Knitting

Lackie....what a cutie!

Front Cardi Bands

When putting a cardigan front band on your sweater, the most important thing is to pick up a stitch for each and every makes for a lovely pickup edge...

BUT, you must use a needle size small enough that the finished band is neither too tight, or too loose -- it's sort of a Goldilocks has to be JUST RIGHT!

I find that if I use a needle 2 or maybe 3 sizes smaller than what I used on the body, I'm right on target -- this is a personal thing and you'll have to play with this until you get it just right.

When you pick up the stitches on both edges - count them - double check how many you have on each side.  I made my sweater longer - so I had 156 stitches on one side and 157 on the other -- easy to 2tog to get rid of that extra stitch on the second Olive row that makes the Olive garter row......what you want is an even number of stitches on each side......for your two stitch alternating colour garter stitch band.
Happy Knitting!

It's hot and humid here again....



Thank you for your comments -- both on this blog and privately -- it's nice to know that someone out there is listening LOL!!!

Hi Robyn -- it was actually you moving to Stratford that inspired us to go to Stratford.  Hubby retired earlier this year, and we are looking around to see if we should move, or stay where we are.  It's lovely here in the Outlier of Milton (that's a fancy word for being on the escarpment) - a short 5 minute drive and you're into Milton now where you can get everything you could possibly we want to go back to a smaller community, like Milton was 25 years ago, only 20,000 people?  Maybe.....we're going to be investigating different areas...if nothing else it will be fun!

OK, a couple of questions.......

Elizabeth commented on me being left-handed....and asked about knitting left-handed as her grand-daughter looks like a potential promising knitter.

Yes, I am left handed.  But like most left-handed people, I have adapted to a right-hande…

Hibiscus Neckline......

Done in checkerboard garter stitch -- that's two colours per row - one row of k2 A, K2 B and repeat and a second row, knitting back, using the same shades, to make little garter stitch blocks.  You change up shades as necessary and it makes for quite an effective border.

I did on this sweater a garter stitch row in Olive before starting the checkerboard.

The pattern is written for this -- but  I obviously got something wrong.....but what I was trying to do was start and end each row of this checkerboard garter stitch edging with a stitch in when you pick up for the neckline band, do your garter stitch checkerboard starting off and finishing with one stitch in Olive.

That way you have a one stitch garter row of Olive on the front edges of the neck band.

This Olive row, acts as an extension of the steek edge row from the body of the that when you are picking up stitches for the front cardigan bands, you can carry right on up through the garter stitch neckline…

Anybody who knows me.......


Shetland love.......

Some bloggers who have been to Shetland lately.....

Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed

and Mary Jane Mucklestone here and here

Liz Lovak, My Life in Orkney

and Gudrun Johnston, The Shetland Trader- for a very personal view of Shetland


Honestly, it's hard to tell them apart with a glance -- you have to really look now that they have been trimmed.  DH in particular finds it difficult -- it's a man thing LOL -- so Lackie is in Blue and Daisy is in Red.......Daisy needs to lose a couple of pounds (as do we) so we're hitting the trail almost every day.

I forgot to show you...


Hibiscus steek

DH & I had great fun pretending to be film makers..........I was doing the directing, with him behind the camera.......

I used to have tips and techniques on my web page (sequential photos) and I'm going to rework this information into videos - stay tuned.....if you need me, I'll be in the editing room!

Happy Knitting,

A new home for Shades of Shetland


Yes, a personal domain name for Shades of Shetland.

It's still hosted by it will still work from the address......

but you can just go straight to if you'd prefer!

Lovely Bones...a book review

Although I'd heard a lot of comments about the subject of this book being distasteful, and that it wasn't the kind of book they'd like to read.......when my friend mentioned that she'd read it and found it, while hard to describe as enjoyable, a good read.

Yes, the fact that the main character of the book is a young girl, murdered while on her way home from school is something that we don't want to hear happening - yet it does happen all the time - but the point of view in the book is this young woman looking down from heaven, at her family and friends, how things have changed because she is was an amazing book and I'm glad I didn't let the opinion of others deflect me from reading this book.

From the back fly leaf of The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold
"The Lovely Bones is luminous and astonishing, a novel that builds out of grief the most hopeful of stories. In the hands of a brilliant new writer, this story of the worst thing a family can face…

Stratford...a day out


Hibiscus shoulder