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Our Annual trip........


What do you do on a dull, chilly day?


New Project


London Knits




Retail therapy at I Knit London

Friday - Sept. 10 - a quick trip on the Tube down to Victoria Station, a ten minute walk, and we're at the Horticultural Halls........

I was registered for a workshop with Marie Wallin -- but it turns out she was ill and couldn't make it - disappointing.
Oh well, while we were there, a bit of Retail Therapy was required to quell the disappointment!

Alice in London

Saturday morning - 9:00 am - back on the Subway down to Victoria - a 10 minute walk to the Horticultural Centre - up the stairs to the third floor for my Workshop with Alice...

Alice explained her charting system, and the way she starts and ends her infinite cables that are required for Celtic style cable type knitting....and we all knit away on our swatches.

We also got to see, examine, fondle and drool over, swatches in the new Bainin yarn, the actual Boudiccia braid sweater (both inside and out) and the new Eala Bhan design, both knit by Alice herself in her 2 ply Hebridean Yarn - all things Alice available at Virtual Yarns.

Alice said that she had worn her Eala Bhan sweater on Friday but it was just too hot to wear it on Saturday.  Alice was very stylishly dressed -- wish I had photographed her shoes (heels, with high laced fronts - open toes and cut outs) -- with a pin tucked pleated skirt and silky blouse.

While the class was busy knitting our Celtic infinite line cable swatch.....A…

Phantom in London


I couldn't resist...


September 11

What a conflicting day -- September 11, 2001 -

DH and I had arrived in the UK and had travelled down to visit Stonehenge - I'd always wanted to go and this was the first opportunity for us to visit.  I wasn't blogging at the time, but I used this photo on She Ewe Knits.  Stonehenge was truly magical.

The morning of  Sept. 11/01 - we stopped by Stonehenge for the last time, and then headed off  to Telford, for Hubby's model railroad exhibition.......we stopped for gas and that's when we heard the news......I'll never forget it.....

This year September 11 is the day that the Cambridge Bridge event officially opens.....remember I showed you the piece of knitting that I sent in?  Wish I could be there to see the official opening....but September 11 is also...

The Kitchener Waterloo Knitters' Fair -- I've been going to this even ever year - well, almost every year.  I enjoyed the years I was there as "She Ewe Knits" - what a thrill to meet other fair isle…

Hibiscus - Applöse

I read Attic 24 - a fabulous, colourful, fun blog mainly about crochet.  Lucy, the blogger, has these "Ta Da" posts - when she finishes something and shows it off.

When you spend a bit of time, or a lot of time,'ve put effort into something that you are doing just for fun...this should be celebrated.  Like other knitters, I've tended to diminish the wonder that is start off with some string, and you use some sticks, and with manipulation you end up with WOW - I made that!

So in the spirit of all things Shetland, I'm instigating the "Applöse" post........from the Shetland Dictionary....

Applöse - (v) offer; make available; make known.

So from now on, finished projects will be made known, Applösed, where I share with you my utter joy in a completed project.

So here it Hibiscus Cardigan Applöse moment.......

Buttons - always a conundrum !


Hibiscus - it's still blooming!


Hibiscus - bath time


Hibiscus - underarm seam


Sleeves....always a challenge


Hibiscus - casting off!


Amazing what you find....

when walking through the mall.....

Some pretty cute sheep -- and boots too!

This is the first time I've seen this brand - Flurries Sheepskin - anyone have an opinion on how these relate to UGGs?  Very similar in price - but definitely more stylish than the basic UGG......just my opinion - UGG lovers no offence intended!

Unfortunately, they don't sell the life-sized sheep - pity!