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#RowanNordicGarland ta da da da da da, da da da da

My Blog friend Claire at KnitandPurlGarden has completed her Rowan Nordic Garland.....go visit her blog and say hi!

Not everything in life is pretty and sparkly, but I love to add a little bit of knitting and colour to my life and share it with you! 

Lackie and Daisy join me in wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

During "the Holiday" I will be starting something new...just because I want to!  You can never have too many WIPs!

Thank you for visiting Life LackaDaisiCal! 

So until next time, Happy Knitting Everyone!

Anne :)

Always a busy time of year...

Even for homebodies like us!  We have been out to dinner, to a concert, got together with family, dinner with friends in the Big TO (again) and it is only December 15!

While all this was going on....there was a lot of stuff going on here at LifeLDC!

Yes, we are starting the 5th week of a 2 week renovation project!  Ha ha ha! It seems that 2 weeks of work is being spread out intermittently...

It doesn't help that the project has crept out of the laundry room to include a few other little jobs around the house! (When you have work men around - use them to full advantage!)

The Kaffe Klatch is flagging a bit. I can feel it myself....and I'm sure my Klatch buddies Darlene, Ann and Ros are feeling the pinch too.  So I've asked them to send me photos whenever they can. I'll do a separate post to update on that.

The 8th Colourway Clue has been released by Rowan, and the 9th and FINAL Colourway Clue will be released on the 19th of December!  Also the Final Finishing and Trim d…

#RowanNordicGarland progress!

I have knit 6 trees for my Martin Storey Rowan Nordic Garland so far. 

(I cheated and started on November 30 so that my finished garland ta da post would be on Christmas Day!)

Have you done your Cards yet?
Do you still write Christmas cards? I know a lot of people don't.

Every year I think that perhaps we should make a donation instead...but then we'd have to write cards to tell people we did that rather than write's a bit of a conundrum :)

So we make the donation (to our charity of choice) and send out cards too!What do you think of the tradition of writing cards?

Happy Knitting everyone!