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Watch Oprah Tomorrow!

Thursday, May 29 -- a repeat of the most talked about show this season -- Lisa Ling Investigates Puppy Mills.

If you love animals, this will shock you........but it will show you why you must buy your pets from reputable breeders, or rescue agencies. If people quit buying pets from these disgusting people, they wouldn't be in the business because all they want is the money.

The Oprah web site says that because of the response of the viewers to this story -- there is a surprising update -- I hope it's a good one!

Guided Tour

I'm a member of the guilded tour through the "New Pathways" sock club at my local yarn store. Our intrepid guide gave an overview on her blog of how it all works.

While I am an excellent traveller, and usually stick to the prescribed itinerary.....I did wander away for a while to do some fair isle I missed the second sock. But I'm back on track with the third sock, the Spiraling Coriolis.....if I can get past the cast on for the Whirlpool Toe that is!!
Happy Knitting!

Book FO

I finished "Road Movies".......and I'm not sure what to say exactly. It's like reading a very detailed travel diary of someone. Because it's someone I'm intrigued by, I found it first.....but it became (to me) very same old same insight into the person at all. I finished reading it with no end of book reaction. Nothing. Maybe it's just me? I don't know. Lorraine -- do you want to read it next?

I'm ba ba baaaaack!

Maryland Sheep & Wool!

Well, what can I say........The main thoroughfare at the Festival is like going to the CNE on a Saturday's so packed and the lines to the food vendors and select booths are so long......

especially the line to buy Festival merchandise -- I swear to you, people waited in line for hours just to buy a t-shirt!!!!!

I caught one of the sheep dog exhibitions........the sheep were particularly cantankerous and made it hard for the dog and shepherds.....

but they managed to get them under control.

One of the unique aspects of this fair is that you get up close and personal with all of the great fibre animals......this is a pretty spectacular example....

Quinn, the Llama........he is so gorgeous, and he knows it!

I succumbed to the spinning goddess, and purchase some fleece and a drop's my hostess for the weekend, Phyliss, demonstrating drop spindle spinning in the parking field at the fair...

-- thank you Phyliss for a great weeke…