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Blog Tweaking......

After I closed She Ewe Knits, I changed computers.....and somehow have lost a lot of my contacts....especially people that commented on my blog....and I'd write back.....
A lot of blog readers lurk, and when they do comment, their e-mail isn't available to respond to.
So, during the knit along, if anyone comments and doesn't have their return e-mail made public for response, or maybe it is someone that I've corresponded with in the past and they think I have their e-mail (and maybe I don't LOL!) -- I will respond right here on the blog. This way any questions during the knit along will be posted here for everyone -- so if you have a question - please ask it via the comments.
If you'd like to ask a private question - please e-mail me at Anne at
DH has been recruited to do video clips and up close photos as necessary.
My Rev. 2/10 pattern has arrived from Karen at Simply Shetland, the yarn I needed to add to what I had on hand has arrived from Cam…

Vogue Knitting - Early Fall 2010

Vogue Knitting, in response to requests for more issues has added - Early Fall 2010. In it, they are offering designs for late summer, and early fall - a transition edition of Vogue. I like it!
Vogue Knitting 360

Use this link to preview the designs in this edition of Vogue -- get a complete 360 degree view of each design -- this is a fabulous addition to the static view presented in the magazine.

Happy knitting

New Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift Shades

This is the cover of the new Jamieson's of Shetland shade card for their Spindrift and Double Knitting yarns.
There are 200 coloured shades Dyed Black and White 8 solid Natural shades and 13 Natural shade marls
for a total of 223 shades of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift yarn!
From the back cover of the shade card:
We are proud to present our exclusive collection of Spindrift and Double Knitting yarns spun from 100% pure Shetland wool.
Indigenous to the isles, the Shetland sheep have a soft resilient fleece which has evolved over many centuries to protect them from the harsh climate of their North Atlantic home. It is this unique texture that has made pure Shetland wool famous all over the world.
Our Shetland yarn has a low carbon footprint. Fleeces are bought from local crofters and travel no more than 30 miles from source to the mill, where all processes from grading to balling are carried out under one roof. Our Natural Collection has minimal processing and comes in the traditional …

Hibiscus Cardigan Knit-Along

Start date: June 1, 2010 Duration: As long as it takes!
If you'd like to join me in this knit-along, I ask that you please just let me know via a comment to this blog. I'm going to put a list of participants up and link to your blog if you have one.
I will be doing a major blog fest on my thoughts and knitting techniques while knitting this -- first you have to decide on the size you're going to make.
The pattern is written for 35", 38.5", 42", 45.5" 49" and 52.5" finished circumferences.
This sweater was designed as a Spring/Summer topper - to go over a t-shirt or a summer dress when you just needed a little something to keep the chill off. I imagined it as a loose boxy cover up - cropped - full of colour as inspired by a gorgeous Hibiscus tree that I'd recently bought for my deck.
I imagined a cropped, boxy jacket that hung loose, didn't get buttoned up, that topped the outfit - coming just above or to the waist.
Because there is no un…

Hibiscus Cardigan knit-along

I’m looking at my notes for the Hibiscus Cardigan -- I started this project in June of 2008 -- the pattern and sweater were finished by the end of August 2008…….so it’s been a while.Since the pattern was officially published last fall, there have been a couple of queries about it.Time is a funny thing -- it flies by, and with it goes any recollection of why you did what…..especially a design that we well, designed and knit 2 years ago LOL!So, to satisfy myself of the accuracy of the pattern as printed, and to fully document any errors or omissions that may exist, I’m going to knit the Hibiscus Cardigan design again - this time for myself - and check the pattern as I do so…..Anyone care to join me?I propose to start June 1 - and I think I’ll be doing a different colorway - just to inspire me to get knitting and keep knitting -- I’ve never knit a sweater twice!Edited to state that I will be using the original shades -- I just can't seem to see this in any other shades and since I lo…

Age appropriate content - warning!

That caught your attention now didn't it LOL!!!
My dear friend Renee, aka Froggie Meanie, has started a new blog
Tadpole Tales
to document her "parent-friendly children's book reviews"
If you are a parent of young children, or like me don't have any children and really need help when trying to buy a book for a child of a friend or a great niece/ might find this blog helpful.
Renee has a great writing style, and her three assistant reviewers all bring their own opinions to the table......!

Movie Reviews!

Recent Movie: "The Blind Side" starring Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron
Ms. Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar for this part -- yes she was good - I think she got the award sort of in the same way Julia Roberts got it for "Erin Brockovich" if you know what I mean.
Older but newish movie: "My Life in Ruins" starring Nina Vardalos and Richard Dreyfuss.
Nina doing her Greek thing again -- cute movie - you knew right away who she was going to fall for!
Recommended by the gal at the video store: "The Fall" starring Lee Pace (Tv's Pushing Daisies" - very different - I enjoyed it - wouldn't think this would be for everyone though LOL!!!
Happy Knitting!