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Fall in Muskoka....

I know it's not really Fall yet, but it sure feels like it!

There is nothing like a Fall weekend in the Muskoka's.........the leaves are turning, it's still warm, yet there is a definite something in the air. Could it be the smell of bears rooting around for blueberries? Nooooooo........even though the neighbors reported bears being sighted, we didn't see any on our walks!

This was a girl's weekend at Karen's cottage. We usually don't get out in the boat (because there's normally 5 of us but Dar couldn't make it this year) -- so we fearless four decided to venture out into the lake in the small boat that Karen's girls use as their "runaround".
That's Karen at the helm, with Sue (on the left) and Nancy. Here I am in the bow -- enjoying the wind in my hair!
It was great -- and even though Karen had been hesitant about taking the boat out on such a quiet weekend.....did you have your cell phone with you Anne? Who could we call I ask? I d…

A Tale of two yarn companies....

On the trip to Shetland in July, we were met in Lerwick by Robert Jamieson, owner of Jamieson's Bus Company from Unst -- and I asked him if he was related to Peter Jamieson of Jamieson's Spinning (who also met us) he said. I asked why, in such a small community, could so many families be called Jamieson, and not be related. He just laughed.

It was a Norse custom to name the son after the Father, so the son of a James would be called "James son" - get it? Jamieson!!!! As James was a popular name, obviously there are now a lot of Jamieson's. This might explain a lot in itself!

Why are there two Shetland yarn companies with similar names? How are they similar? How are they different?

This is what I know......

They both have disclaimers on their web sites saying they aren't related to any other company in Shetland that has a similar name.

Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers (J&S from now on) was founded in 1930's by the Smith family -- according…

Day 10 - Tea at Balmoral - the long road home!

It's Friday, July 28 -- the ferry arrives in Aberdeen and after an early breakfast -- we were able to disembark at 7:00 am.

Originally, our flight was going to leave Aberdeen at 11:00 am to London -- plenty of time! But this flight was cancelled, so the only other morning flight was 9:05 -- I thought this might be too tight and had opted for the late afternoon flight - 5:30.

What's a couple of wild and crazy Canucks to do with a day in Aberdeen you say? Well, as Canadians we're part of the realm so to speak, so we went to have tea with the Queen at Balmoral.

We hired a cab for the day, and off we went. It was a pleasant journey - we had time to spare because Balmoral doesn't open until 10:00 -- we weren't expected, so we didn't want to be early!

At one point we stopped for photos......

I love highland cows. They are so gentle. Yet can look so ferocious!

We also stopped in Ballater - the village closest to Balmoral. Here, shop keepers proudly present their Royal Warra…

Day 9 - So long Shetland!

Thursday, July 27 - our last day in Shetland.

Everyone was packing up their stuff -- and I mean packing! Peter Jamieson had offered to organize shipping of any "excess" that we had - you know, the basket you couldn't get into your suitcase, or the 10 kilos of yarn you bought! So after breakfast, everyone was grabbing a bag and filling it to be dropped off at the Jamieson's Shop for shipping home.

Terry and I, of course, got everything into our suitcases! I must admit though, it was a struggle for me.

The biggest (heaviest) problem I had, was a pair of book ends.....but I just had to have them.....
Who could resist? A Westie owner like me? The other "end" has a Westie lying down, poised to jump up at the first sign of movement! These book ends came in a box, with Styrofoam padding -- but to save room, they were wrapped in sweaters (what else) and made the trip to Canada (safely) that way.

Remember those fair isle pieces that we saw at the Jamieson's Mill? See…

Day 8 - Eshaness

Wednesday, July 26 - Only one more sleep on Shetland........this is our last full day here on the island. Breakfast and a couple of hours free time............before we head north to Eshaness.

This area is remote, is sparsely populated, and totally gorgeous!

The coastline is dramatic, mesmerizing, and amazingly, fence free!
Some of us were rather brave! (don't you think?)It's a strange sensation for someone like me who doesn't like heights.....I could get so close, but not a step more!

There is a blow hole on the coast here -- when the tide rushes in, the water sprays up through the rocks. Here's Terry taking a peak, assisted by Robert, our bus driver, Shetland guide extraordinaire! I stood back and took photos!
Dore Holm lies off the coast here -- Terry took this photo of me with Dore Holm in the background.

Lunch was at the Eshaness Cafe -- where our guests were Wendy Inkster and her Burra Bears!

Lunch was soup and sandwiches -- I'm not sure what caused more of a frenzy…