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"Flock" Update


More about Mary...

Mary caught my eye when I first saw it on a preview of +RowanYarns Magazine 54.

The shades used in this design suited me perfectly, so I didn't contemplate for a minute changing them....until I saw a couple of other colourways on Ravelry!

It is interested to see what each of us did to make this already striking design our own.  AnnR did a bit of short row shaping to her neckline!  Bernadette put a stripe of another colour on her sleeve!
I have to admit - after seeing AnnR's neckline, yup, I did a bit or short rowing to drop the front a bit for me!
And Bernadette's little touch on the sleeve gave me the idea for my totally striped sleeves!  I picked a section of striping that I liked (with a large Treacle portion) and repeated it for the sleeve - it matches but is different enough to stand out as a design element!
I loved the challenge of this unusual design....and after a few quick and easy projects....what will I knit next?
Happy Thanksgiving up here in Canada, and have a…

Mary, Mary...finally finished!

The life of a model....glamorous, exciting, thrilling......exhausting, tedious and perhaps even a bit boring!

We don't really think of modelling as hard work.......professional models make it all look so darn easy, don't they.
When I finished the Mary design from Rowan Magazine 54, I thought it might be fun to photograph it as a homage to the original photo...which is a bit edgy, a bit pouty....not at all me!
My friend Renee accepted the with camera in hand....and me doing my darndest to follow direction.....lights, camera.....shoulder up, knee out, suck it in.....hold it!

This raised shoulder pose was very odd and with the out-turned knee...frankly uncomfortable...

But it does give a bit of life to the short-row stripes...

I decided to go for striped sleeves.....I picked a sequence that I liked...and repeated it.

They  tie in with the stripe detail at the shoulder, don't you think?

This sweater is a lot boxier than shown in the magazine photos. It looks gr…

Life LDC Goes to Camp - Knit Camp!

The Needle Emporium has been hosting knit camp now for many years.  
Usually Hubby and I are in the UK, just going to the UK, or just getting back from the UK, so camp hasn't really come up on my radar...until this year when I decided "I wanted to go to Camp".
Remember Mrs. Tishell? (My intrepid knit Buddy - we travelled to the UK in February?) Well, I asked her, and yup, she was good for a weekend of Knit Camp!
Then a friend of mine from the UK thought perhaps she'd like to join in.  Come all the way from the UK for Knit Camp?  Why not!  I have done similar things.  (Remember my weekend trip to London to go to a workshop with Alice Starmore at the I Knit London yarn fest......? )  We knitters will travel far and wide for a great knit event!

New Shades in Rowan's Fine Art Sock Yarn!

Rowan's Fine Art Sock yarn has been a spectacular success!
Launched with 8 multi-hued hand-painted shades,  knitters commented that they'd love to see more monotone colourwayss....
well, RowanYarns listened!
Coming soon.....6 more shades of Rowan Fine Art yarn!
6 "Blended" shades - more subtle and absolutely gorgeous!

There is also going to be a new booklet of designs....  "Fine Art Accessories Collection"   - expected release date is November 

Sometimes I can get a glimpse of "sample skeins" at my favourite Rowan Stockist...the Needle Emporium....

Are you a Google Friend of this blog?  I'd love to see a whole network of Google Friends, here's the fun part - right now I have 7 Google Friends - I know who you are :) and if I get say, 100 friends, I'll have a special draw from those 100 friends for a skein of Rowan's Fine Art sock yarn! 

+RowanYarns  #RowanYarns +Julie Schilthuis #NeedleEmporium

Rowan's Fine Art in an ARAN WEIGHT!

Rowan Yarns Fine Art ARAN!  A close cousin to the Fine Art Sock yarn, the Aran weight is Wool: 50%, Mohair: 20%, Silk: 5%, Alpaca: 25%

This yarn has just popped up on the Knit Rowan web site - it's so new, they don't even have any patterns listed with it yet - it hasn't hit the stores - but it looks drop dead gorgeous!

8 shades with names like Bolero, Conga, Rumba, Foxtrot, Flamenco, Fandango, Bachata and Azonto - all dances! Most of these are familiar to me, but I had to look up Bachata and Azonto. Bachata is a dance which originated in the Dominican Republic, while Azonto originated in Ghana!

I can't wait to see these yarns knit up......there are lots of Rowan designs that are done for aran weight yarns...I'm sure that Rowan will pick great designs for a Mini Collection for this new yarn.  When will it hit the stores?  I don't know, but it won't be here fast enough for me!