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NEW Rowan KAL with Martin Storey!

Martin Storey's 2019 Knit Along!

Do you love a good blanket knit along! Lovely, portable pieces of knitting that when put together make stunning blankets....and this time there are cushion options too!

I'm getting ahead of myself! Back up Anne :)
Have you heard of the new Rowan Yarns blanket knit along? The graphic gives you an idea of the lovely textured design of this blanket! It's gorgeous!
This time Martin has designed coordinating cushions - knit a blanket, knit a cushion (or two or three), or do them all for a fabulous display of your knitting!

AND, all of these designs incorporate BEADS!!! How glorious is that! (Actually, the beads are totally if you don't like beads, you're good!)
Like Martin's two earlier knit along blankets....this one is knit using Rowan Yarns Pure Wool Worsted Yarn! Previous blankets were multi coloured - this one is knit in a single shade (easy to pick a shade that will compliment your other Martin blankets) .

Like all of Ro…

Knitters Need the Right Tools! March Knit Blog Update!

March was a whirl of focussed knitting on my latest project, Bondi by Martin Storey from the Ocean Blue Collection in Rowan Denim Revive!

It's a big project...
it's two row stripes....
it has pockets...
and a hood...
and I'm almost done!

Whilst knitting my Bondi, it became obvious that I was using the wrong needle tips!

This led me to have a look at my needle collection....primarily Addi with a little Signature and KnitPro thrown in!

I ended up ordering new Addi Straights....and when they arrived....the hubby asked why I needed so many different needles! (silly man right)

Every Knitter needs a variety of tools...right?

Join me while I discuss the merits of the different needles in my collection.

It's a short update....sorry, but I've been too busy knitting!

Links for this episode:

Design: Bondi by Martin Storey (You can buy this as an individual download or as part of the digital collection, OR in hard copy!)

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