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The Purple Rose of Cairo

I think this afternoon I will watch "The Purple Rose of Cairo", wearing my Rowan purple FYA2 shawl,  as I'm not ready to give up on the purple quite yet.

So......that's ANOTHER project finished.  That's a FP to you!

Finished Project!
Much nicer than FO! Hey, I got an FO here! NO, from now on, hey, I've got a FP to show off! LOL!!!

Still waiting for a good day to photograph Mette outside, in some snow....without getting frost bite!  We are Canadians, we understand winter, but this February has been well below the seasonal average temperature. So cold here in Southern Ontario that I am using an additional heat source here in my basement yarn room. Being in a basement, picture it, surrounded by cold frozen ground! Ha ha ha....thank goodness for heat and hydro....and heated seats when we go out in the car!

I have a couple of design ideas to work on is a secret and the other is a challenge...

I knew when she walked into the yarn store, eyes wildly darting f…

With a little help from your friends!

One thing I learned while knitting my Kaffe afghan with my Kaffe Klatch buddies....sharing with your friends makes everything just better!  So I thought why not apply that to my every day knitting?

I have met a few knitters who I just knew right away were kindred spirits.  If we lived closer, I know we'd be having knit get-togethers! Maybe their gorgeous projects will encourage you to try something that you might not have thought of!
I first met Carole-Ann at the Docknits retreat weekend. She was introduced to me as one of the prize winners for the completed Martin Storey afghan. I remembered her photo right away - her garden shed all decked out in gorgeous knits, the highlight being her completed afghan!  

In this photo you can see her in her LYS Docknits, wearing her Mette, with a gorgeous hat/fingerless mitts combo that she designed and knit out of Rowan Fine Tweed. (Don't confuse Rowan Fine Tweed with Felted Tweed - totally different colour palettes and hand when knit - make …

Friday, February 13!

Friday the 13th knitters!  You know what that means!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - are you planning anything special? If I get to go to the movies this weekend, I'll get a big bag of popcorn for my Valentine's Day treat :) Ha ha ha, not very romantic I know !!!!

Hope you have a romantic Valentine's Day planned,

Happy Knitting,


with my two special Valentines, Lackie and Daisy!
and of course, my extra special Valentine, the Hubby! :)

Follow Your Arrow 2

Follow Your Arrow 2 Rowan Fine Art

It's always fun to compare notes with a kitting friend!

Anyone else knitting Follow Your Arrow 2?

Happy Knitting,