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Disaster Strikes!

One of the unique features of the Autumn Rose pullover is the construction -- knit in the round with steeks in the traditional manner, but with body shaping unlike the traditional boxy fair isle.

To do this shaping, Eunny Jang the designer designates a side seam stitch, which is purled in the background shade throughout. I've placed a marker at the side seam to remind me, and of course the start of the round marker is the other reminder.

So I'm merrily knitting away on Friday night, and suddenly get this uncomfortable feeling -- when did I purl last? I check the beginning/end of the round, and yes there are the little purl stitches.

Flipping the knitting around, I look for the other side seam stitch - oh no, it isn't there! Ah, there it is, about twelve rows down - sticking out without a care -- oh no, I have to rip back? No I say -- just pick up the stitch and work it up purl wise.

Let me tell you, if I'd had to pick these stitches up knit wise, it would have been easy…

Autumn Rose Update

The sleeves are done, the body is progressing.

It will soon be time to unite the pieces!

Simply Shetland 4 is on it's way......and when it gets here early next week, She Ewe Knits will be ready to ship Autumn Rose yarn packs as She Ewe Knits has all shades in stock.

I've got some secret knitting being done on projects from this new about them soon ok?

Happy Knitting!

It's Over....

I didn't jump on the Potter band wagon right away -- I thought these books were just children's books......but so many people had told me how great they were, I bought my first Harry Potter books when the third book came out -- so I got a 3 book gift set and started reading.

Well, I've purchased each book since on the day it's come out, sat down and read it right through. The Deathly Hallows was no different -- except that I didn't pick it up until about 3:00 pm on Saturday....we were having company for dinner, so I only got about an hour of reading done on Saturday afternoon before getting ready for my evening. My friends were astounded that they had been invited to dinner on THE DAY that the last HP book came out. They understood what a sacrifice it was for me to spend the evening with them. This is a joke yes, but you know I think it is a sign of my maturing (yes finally) that I could put aside my book ad have a great evening.

Anyway, after they left, I read for a…

Shhhhh......I'm reading!

Great news! The new Simply Shetland book and yarns are ahead of schedule -- I should have them by the middle of August!!!!

HP5 Boffo in my book!

How do you like my Variety style title?

Was I the only HP fan that didn't realize that Warner Bros had moved the release date for HP5 up to Wednesday, July 11? What were they doing? Did they suddenly realize that they had scheduled the release date for Friday the 13? Are they being superstitious about it all? or did they decide to open the movie early, to get more "opening weekend" credit? Who knows.......

Watching the morning news yesterday, I saw that Rupert Grint was in Toronto for the HP5 opening - a special showing in Toronto? With all of the trouble with pirating of movies here in Canada, I was surprised at this. When I checked my local theatre listings, there it was, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, showings starting today (Wednesday). I didn't know what to do - my mind was all set to go to the noon showing on Friday - what I expected to be the first local showing, and I'd blown it....or rather Warner Bros. had changed the rules and I was behind th…

One day at a time....

It's been one day at a time around here lately.

Murphy has been visiting with Daisy. After about 6 days of constant wrestling, Daisy and Murphy settled down and became buddies.

Finally, some peace and quiet. We got to watch a movie or two, and I got to do some knitting, always with a companion or two.

Murphy goes home tonight -- I think Daisy will miss him!

While Murphy was visiting, we were dealing with passing of a dear friend -- she was 87 and the last few years of her life were very restricted. After the funeral, I started to clean out her apartment. Her Cousins came over to pick up mementos to remember her by.

This was just another reminder that the material things in life are there to enjoy, not to be tucked away in a cupboard for that perfect "occasion". Get out your good china, use it every Sunday - use it whenever you want to! Don't save those "for best" sheets for when company stays over...use them for yourself......enjoy every day, one day at a time…