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Adding a link.......

A link to a blog that I read.....that has a link to something quite astonishing on a blog that she thru......very appropraite for today being Halloween I think LOL!
YorkSett Arts and Crafts: Some people clearly have lots of time ....

Stranding - 3 yarns per row!

Anastasiya has a few motifs that use 3 yarns per row - like the very first motif after the ribbing!  It took me a while to get my head around how to do usual with all things, there are many ways you can handle 3 strands per row, and here are a few ways I've tried.
The main thing, as in all stranding, is to set the position of your yarns, and keep them that way

Background shade - top Pattern shade - bottom (2 shades per row - middle on rows with 3 shades per row) Accent shade - always along the bottom.
I've tried to show different techniques of stranding 3 shades per row to help you customize your own personal stranding style.
BACKGROUND AND PATTERN shades held in the right hand - ACCENT shade in the left:
BACKGROUND in the right, PATTERN in the left, with the ACCENT shade being worked with the left hand:
Holding all three shades in the right hand - BACKGROUND, PATTERN and ACCENT:
Holding the BACKGROUND shade in the Right, the PATTERN shade in the left, the ACCENT shade in t…

She Ewe Knits update...

My web site is no longer active.  I'd asked for it to be shut down back in June.....but for some reason it was still up and running until yesterday.  Today, it is gone, finished, shut down.

After all, She Ewe Knits was my yarn business name......and I don't sell yarn any more.

So I'll post any new design info here on my blog on Shades of Shetland, and add it to the page "My Design Portfolio" here also.  On this page there are links of where to get each pattern (where possible).

Any design offered by pdf will be available here and thru my Ravelry store.   You don't have to be a member of Ravelry to view this page.

From my Ravelry shop page you can also see photos that knitters have posted of projects using my patterns - just click on the link under each photo where it says the number of projects - this is where they link any project listed in Ravelry that use this pattern.  You do have to be a Ravelry member to do this - it's free and easy to j…

First Signs of the Changing Season.....


Too busy to post LOL!