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Kitchener Stitch - in Kidsilk Haze!

I've finished the knitting part of the Churchmouse Classics pattern Mohair Bias's so lovely and light and the colours in the Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe yarn are gorgeous!

Now I just have to do the dreaded Kitchener Stitch to join the two ends into a continuous loop.  (Yes, you can knit the two ends together...but then there would be a seam.....the sample of this that I saw was done with the Kitchener Stitch as suggested by the that's what I'm going to do......

I was looking for Kitchener Stitch reference....but just noticed that the lovely Churchmouse people have put a Kitchener Stitch how to right in the pattern - thank you!

'Til next time - Happy Knitting!

In the meantime....

Wish me luck - I've never done anything like this before....I'm looking at that second photo and thinking that this might be a bit of a squeeze - especially with the quilt padding that I bought to go between the knitting and the lining.....oh well, something to keep my mind occupied while I'm waiting to hear from Johan, the friendly Apple Support guy......stay tuned!

Big sigh....back to normal....

OK - that was scary.

When I got the message from Apple that my hard drive had been identified as one that may potentially crash at any minute (they didn't say it that way but this is what they meant) I had to get my act together.

Confession:  My hard drive is NOT BACKED UP!

It's not that I have a lot of life threatening stuff here on my computer - but I do have years and years of photos.....that I'd hate to first thing I did was fill up my ipad with all of those photos as a backup.

A temporary solution at best....

Another thing that was scaring me was setting up your computer again - all of those updates that you have received since the original purchase of the software.

And what about software that you had received links to download from - how do you get all that back in place?

Obviously this can be done....but the whole thought of it was giving me a huge headache!


Upon consultant with not one, but two Apple sales was decided that I …

Videos anyone?

While playing around here.....I've accessed my You Tube account......and in my favourites, I've found videos that were uploaded by Rowan Yarns on how to crochet.

While I can do the stitches...I've never attempted to follow a crochet pattern.....and Rowan has done some gorgeous crochet designs.

Maybe this is something I should add to my list of things that I'd like to investigate more......yes, it has just been put on the list.....

With great videos like's like having a private the comfort of your own home......

By George, I think I'm getting the hang of this Blogsy thing.....

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Blogsy again

This is my third attempt at posting with Blogsy......two very nice posts have disappeared and blank empty posts have appeared......

In one of the posts I wanted to show you this photo, taken with my iPad....loaded to Blogsy from my photo stream......

Ok, I think I've been pushing the wrong buttons......lets see if this works.....

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Temporary confusion...

If you have an might have heard about a recall for warranty replacement for iMacs with 1TB hard drives sold between 2009 and 2011.....that included my it is in for "service" as I speak yes as I speak ........Siri is typing this for me!

Ok, enough of have to go back and fix it up anyway...may as well type it yourself.  Perhaps Siri will get better?

So I have to figure out how to do blog posts from my iPad......which right now won't let me use the photo I just took of my finished sleeve...yes the first sleeve of Orkney....done!

So.....I'll be back with soon as I figure out can't be that hard can it?

Happy Knitting,





Hubby and I went to see Skyfall in an Imax theatre on Friday - the first day of the opening weekend here in North America for this, the 23rd Bond film.

Originally, I was not convinced that Daniel Craig could replace my beloved Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.  When I saw Mr. Craig in Casino Royale, I knew I was RIGHT!  Daniel Craig is a totally different Bond - rougher, tougher, sort of like the Sean Connery type of Bond - and I LIKE IT!!!!

Skyfall blended the old with the new, and totally left things open for many more new and exciting Bonds to come!

I know someone who worked on a film in Toronto.....which starred Daniel Craig.....she got to talk to you can say she sort of knows him.....and I know her.....well, that's only two degrees of separation from Daniel Craig!  It's a small world.  (She says that yes, his eyes are that blue!)

The DH absolutely loved this old Astin Martin....well he loves the new Astin Martin's too.....he has written a very nice letter to Santa.

Another FO....but shhhh....It's a secret!

While in Norway last November....oh my goodness I can't believe it has been a year since this trip!

Anyway, while in Norway, I saw....resisted....and then finally gave in and bought....

55 Christmas Balls to Knit! by Arne & Carlos
Such a charming book, gorgeous photos - one pattern with 55 different motifs.  Instead of knitting them in fine fingering weight yarn....I knit two in Jamieson's Shetland Heather (worsted weight) and they are.....whispering......Christmas Presents for Lackie and Daisy!  Don't tell them!

For the story of how these lovely knitted ornaments came to be..........

November Rowan Knit Night

A few of us get together to support each other in our Rowan addiction.....and last night I was able to show that I was fighting startitis*, and getting some projects done!

*startitis - the inability to resist starting another new project,  even though you have way too many projects on the go already!
The proof! (Regular readers will know what I've finished lately, but my Rowan peers....nope....because I missed the October meeting because of the Kaffe lecture night.

There is a lot of mutual admiration that goes on in the group....everyone shows off their current projects.....ML and C are both knitting the Kaffe Fassett striped stole done in Kaffe's Regia sock yarns, D was just about finished her Misty Shawl in two shades of Kidsilk Haze Stripe (we seem to like Kidsilk Haze Stripe), and R and A were knitting cardigans in luscious yarns of a non Rowan variety.

(I'm just using code initials here to protect the identity of those in this support group! LOL)

You see, we aren't excl…

Anastasiya - Rowan 48 - Redux Complete

So, when the planets align - the weather is good (not easy this week with all the rain from Sandy), my hair cooperates, and I feel good - then we take photos of finished knits.
Friday was just such a day - the rain had let up but it was a dull day so actually perfect for this kind of photo.
DH takes his job as official photographer seriously - and as I'm standing there he is giving me directions - look up, down, turn around, keep going, suck it in, stick it out!  I'm sure you can imagine what I'm thinking in some of these photos.
Anyway, Anastasia has been fixed for a while, I've been wearing it a lot, and I'm totally happy with it.
The V neckline was raised just a bit - it originally started in the middle of the flowery motif...only about 1.5 inches lower than it is now - but what a different this alteration made!  The sweater sits on my shoulders so much better, and I can wear it over a shirt or a t-shirt and it looks great.
This was well worth the effort of taking it…

Redux progress...

I've put the old neckline over the new neckline.....the flower motif was finished before the new neckline it has filled in quite a bit of the neckline - I think this is going to be perfect!

You decrease at the neckline every row for 32 rows, then every alternate row 3 times.....that should leave just the shoulder stitches.  Now I'm at the 3 colour per row plaid shoulder section.

Things are moving along well and I know I'll be much happier with this sweater when it's done.