In the meantime....

I'm always totally impressed by crafty people who take leftovers and rework them into something totally amazing and gorgeous........these are the two shoulder pieces that I cut off of Anastasia when I reworked the neckline.  I kept them, not sure why.......
But they I had a thought.....what about an ipad pouch to protecct my
new Ipad Mini - yes - all of those visits to the Apple store
were dangerous - first time I went no Ipad Minis...
second time, not so one came home with me!
Don't you just love the bright green cover?!?!?
I'm thinking I'll rework these shoulder pieces to make a
little pouch to protect the mini while it is in my knitting bag,
purse or wherever.....

I'm so confident that I have already bought some lovely fabric to be the lining.
This fabric reminds me of the fabric of the shirt worn by the model in Rowan 48...
looking at the magazine now, I see her flower print is much large....but yes,
this is similar.

Wish me luck - I've never done anything like this before....I'm looking at that second photo and thinking that this might be a bit of a squeeze - especially with the quilt padding that I bought to go between the knitting and the lining.....oh well, something to keep my mind occupied while I'm waiting to hear from Johan, the friendly Apple Support guy......stay tuned!


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