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How to "finish" your knitting.....

How do you finish your Rowan Mystery Afghan squares?
I wash them a good fibre wash, like Eucalan or Soak
Rowan Pure Wool Worsted is Superwash - it will grow a lot and lose body when it is wet.... but never fear...get rid of the excess moisture (use a towel or spin them in your washing machine) let them air dry, don't stretch them out....just leave them to dry!  
Then put those squares in the dryer (on low, for 5-10 minutes)!
(Yes, I know the label says not to use a this is my opinion only.... please no complains if your dryer is too know your dryer right?)
So my way is not the Official way, but it works for me!
My squares didn't bleed much dye, but there have been reports from knitters using really dark shades that their squares bled.  If you are using high contrast shades, I would recommend washing and drying the shades separately, to avoid dye transfer.
When they come out of the dryer, they will be nice and clean and back to their bouncy squish…

Rowan's Mystery Afghan KAL - Week 1

Let the knitting commence!
The hardest part about any colourful deciding on what shades to use.
With the choice of 50 shades in the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted line, there are enough shades to make it interesting, but not difficult.... because they all are lovely...
I love the shades of Autumn, so it wasn't hard for me to choose 5....
I loved the idea of the original 16 shades + border shade  (thinking it was obviously going to be a multi-hued extravaganza....) but my inner reserved self came out at the last moment to pick shades that were strictly my style... of these days I really must just let go!!!
I am actually using all 5 shades in the body of the afghan.... and will decide on the border once I see how that all works...
see...I just can't leave anything alone!
Inspired by my favourite Scottish woollen blanket, I decided to mimic tartan in the layout of my afghan squares....
A little bit of playing on the computer and I came up with this..... see how the bands of …

The the Mystery Begins - Intro video by Martin Storey!

RowanYarns has uploaded Intro - Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan Knit-a-long with Martin StoreyIntro - Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan Knit-a-long with Martin St...RowanYarns We're excited to launch the first video from Martin Storey for the Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan Knit-a-long.
Here Martin explains the concept behind the first ever, global Rowan knit-a-long. He discussed the techniques used, and support you'll get during this 10 week extravaganza.

Get your needles ready, and Pure Wool Worsted purchased and come and join the fun.

For more information, shopping list and to join:
Knitrowan -
Ravelry -
Facebook -
I've got my yarn!  Have you?  

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I'm still learning how to I made another "Swatch" Cowl

I need to get better at crochet, so yes, I made another "swatch" cowl....this time in crochet, and here is what I did... Oh, you don't know how to crochet?  Well, go to the bottom of this post for links to great "Learn to Crochet" videos on You Tube by Rowan!  That is how I learned when I did my "Frances Crochet Scarf" 
Fine Art Aran Crochet Swatch Cowl

Using 4.5mm Crochet Hook, chain 100, turn
DC into each chain (100)
Now, ensuring that your work is not twisted, slip stitch into the first DC to create a round.   Using the tail of your cast on row, join your original foundation chain into a round.(Doing one row of DC makes it MUCH easier to do this without twisting!)
This is a SUPER SIMPLE crochet cowl….it’s a swatch…you get to learn all of the basic crochet stitches and create a lovely crochet cowl.  Depending on what yarn you use, it will be bright and beautiful, soft and subtle, or sophisticated neutral…your choice!

We will now work in rounds of the “bas…

Rowan's FIRST Knit A Long - the Pure Wool Worsted Superwash Mystery Afghan, designed by Martin Storey!

For those of you not on is what Rowan posted on Friday....cut and pasted right here for you!

For those of you on Facebook - all of this information will be available on the Rowan Yarns Facebook page - so go over there and make sure you have "Like" ed it so that you will get all of the updates.  
For those of you who don't do Facebook - but are Ravelry people - never fear....there is a thread set up on the Rowan Yarns Forum for everything you need to know, and to share and socialize there!
So, Monday, April 7 - get ready to play with colours!  The Pure Wool Worsted shade card is linked in the above notice from Rowan - in case your local yarn store doesn't stock PWW.  IF your local carries this yarn - yeah for you - go on over and play with the shades.
Any questions?  Just leave a comment, or use my "Let's Talk" contact on this page.  I'll do my best to answer questions....but I'm pretty sure that if we are Patient and Wait for the of…

Swatching for Gauge

Why do a Gauge Swatch?
What's all the fuss about doing a gauge swatch?  Well.......
If you find you are always running out of yarn, or you always have yarn left over, it's probably because you are not knitting to the prescribed gauge for the project.  Does it matter?  Well, yes.......and the more accurate your gauge is, the more likely you are to be happy with your finished project.
Projects knit in flat pieces -- knit a large enough swatch, back and forth, to accurately measure your gauge.
"Circular" gauge swatch for a project knit "in the round"
if knitting your project "in the round", you must do a "in the round" gauge swatch -- if you don't want to knit a hat as a gauge swatch....knit a "round" gauge swatch by using dpns or a circular needle, cast on the number of stitches you need for your swatch and knit every row (break off the yarn at the end of the row, slide your stitches back to the right end of the needle and knit th…