Rowan's FIRST Knit A Long - the Pure Wool Worsted Superwash Mystery Afghan, designed by Martin Storey!

For those of you not on is what Rowan posted on Friday....cut and pasted right here for you!

Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan Knit-a-long

Updated on Friday
Here at the mill, our fingers are positively twitching in anticipation for the launch of our first ever global knit-a-long! With only a few weeks left until we will release the first of the patterns, we’re now able to share with you a few more details about the project:

You already know that we’ll be knitting with the glorious Pure Wool Worsted. Made from 100% wool, this superwash yarn is available in 50 – yes 50! – colours, meaning that we’re thoroughly spoilt for choice. Martin Storey has designed the Afghan with 17 of these colours – although for those of us who may prefer something more tonal, we have also suggested a 9, 5 and 2 tone version. With this flexibility of colour way, you can create a stunning, yet personalised, piece – which, with the yarn’s easy care properties, could form an heirloom to enjoy now and in future years.

Next week we will release the shopping list, and the first square pattern will be released week commencing 21st April.

Each week for the first eight weeks, we’ll release a pattern for one of the squares that Martin has designed. A completed Afghan requires each square to be knitted six times, giving a total of 48 squares.
If you choose to use Martin’s recommended shades you will knit each design three times in one shade and three in another.

In week nine, Martin will show us how to create the trim. In week ten will we’ll provide the final instructions needed for making-up the blanket, to complete a truly beautiful Afghan.

The finished squares are 20cm x 20cm. The overall layout is 6 squares by 8 squares (48 in total) = approx 120cm x 160cm plus trim.

Beginner knitter? Not a problem, there are online videos to support the pattern, along with basic techniques like casting on. You can also choose to make a smaller blanket.

Share your progress - you’ll be able to ask for help and advice, share your comments, and photos via this Rowan Yarns Facebook Page, on a dedicated Ravelry pattern page, and also on our Rowan Yarns Ravelry Forum (

If the pace of knitting is a little overwhelming for some, we will give you a month to finish the project after the making up instructions are released. Watch out for a competition at the end of the Knit-a-long too!

Dates to remember - the shopping list will be posted 7th April, and mark week commencing 21st April in your diaries for the 1st pattern. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing in this, our very first global adventure.

To help, the Pure Wool Worsted shade card can be downloaded from the Rowan website:

For those of you on Facebook - all of this information will be available on the Rowan Yarns Facebook page - so go over there and make sure you have "Like" ed it so that you will get all of the updates.  

For those of you who don't do Facebook - but are Ravelry people - never fear....there is a thread set up on the Rowan Yarns Forum for everything you need to know, and to share and socialize there!

So, Monday, April 7 - get ready to play with colours!  The Pure Wool Worsted shade card is linked in the above notice from Rowan - in case your local yarn store doesn't stock PWW.  IF your local carries this yarn - yeah for you - go on over and play with the shades.

Any questions?  Just leave a comment, or use my "Let's Talk" contact on this page.  I'll do my best to answer questions....but I'm pretty sure that if we are Patient and Wait for the official release on Monday...fingers crossed because Rowan have been having issues with their web site because of increased traffic lately (wonder why? LOL)...all will be answered then....but I'm happy to try and clarify anything for you guys who keep up with Life LackaDaisiCal!  OK?

I have 4 shades in mind....but one I'm not totally sure of......when I read the official requirements, I'm hoping that helps clarify things for me.....what about you....wild and crazy multi-shaded blanket?.....sleek and sophisticated neutrals?......totally want it to match your decor?.....what kind of blanket would you like to make?

In the meantime, I'm knitting with +RowanYarns Pure Linen....
sort of making one design, but shortening it,
sort of making another but didn't want the three shade pattern
...oh dear, I hope I know what I'm doing!

What are you knitting right now?  Does your coffee table look like this?  

Until Monday, Happy Knitting!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this knit along. I'm very interested in it but wonder if it will be more advanced than my skills. Thinking of perhaps doing the smaller version that Rowan has mentioned in the message. Also curious about the colour combinations. I love Rowan yarn. And I enjoy your blog and Flock. Thanks again. Doreen

    1. Hi Doreen! I can assure you that the squares are simple - all one shade - basic stitches - it is aimed at all levels of knitter! When the official info comes out....hopefully tomorrow.....we will know more. The original called for one ball of 16 different shades for the blocks and 2 for the trim.....The Rowan Ambassadors suggested they consider different combos - not everyone wants that crazy quilt patchwork check out the details when they are available. There are going to be quick little videos for each square too! I honestly can't wait to see what they come up with for their first EVER KAL...if this goes well....fingers crossed....they might do more in the future!

  2. Alas, I'm on a strict yarn diet this year, but will be watching the KAL with much interest as with so many colours to choose from, I'm sure there will be some stunning afghans and some real creativity going on. I wouldn't even know where to start! I love Martin Storey designs too and it will be interesting to see how many particpants worldwide this first Rowan KAL gets.

  3. Thanks Anne! I laughed out loud at your PATIENCE AND WAIT comment! This has been so long coming. Now all I have to do is choose my colours....Ros


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