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Fish Cakes......yes, seriously!

One day in London (I can't believe it has been a month since I was there!), Mrs. Tishell and I decided to have tea at the St. Pancras hotel.....
Well, I was starving, so I ordered Fish Cakes!  Seriously!

I've been thinking of Fish Cakes ever since - the ones at the St. Pancras were Cod Cakes - so.....while in Longos, I picked up a couple of frozen cod fillets.....I've made fish cakes before, but never with cod.

Last time I talked about fish cakes on the blog, Kristie asked for my recipe.  Well, although I don't have a true recipe - here is the way I make fish cakes in general.

You'll need - for 6 large or 8 medium fish cakes. (These are meal sized - you can make small appetizer sized ones if you want to!)

500 grams of potatoes (boiled in salty water)
2 eggs - separate one yolk from the rest
bread crumbs
fresh parsley
parmesan cheese (or any finely grated cheese that you like)
250 grams of cooked fish (canned or fresh cooked) - shredded

Boil the potatoes, drain and dry on…

Just call me Madam Ambassador....

Now, just in case you didn't know - last August, Rowan Yarns sent out an email inviting individuals who were passionate about Rowan Yarns to apply to be "A Rowan Ambassador".  You had to write 100 words about yourself and send in a photo of you wearing your latest Rowan creation.  Applications had to be in by the end of September.

October, November, December....all went by.....I'd just about given up when....

In January of 2013 I was advised that I was on the short-list of 30......yipee!

Then in February I was asked to confirm my social networking names/pages.....I did that right away!

and finally, on February 17 - St. Patrick's Day! It was confirmed that I'd been selected!

Turns out that Rowan were so overwhelmed with applicants, that it took this long to sieve through them all to get down first to the short list, and now to the final list.  Well, maybe Rowan was surprised, but I wasn't - I KNEW that they'd get a huge response.  That's why I'm so …

Facebook 101 for Knitters

As someone who likes to think they are internet savvy....I've been trying to come to grips with Facebook.

Why would I (or you) want to "share" with all and sundry.....well, you don't have to......

You can set your default privacy settings by clicking on that lock at the top right....choose who gets to see your future posts, who can contact you, etc.

Also, when share "What's on your mind?" (a status update, a photo, etc.) you make a choose who gets to see it -

I blog mostly for general all of my knit-related posts about knit-related travel, yarns, patterns, my knitting, what I'd like to knit, what I hope to knit, etc. etc. etc.........if you read this blog YOU KNOW how I go on and on about knitting and my favourite yarn company ROWAN LOL!  Those blogs appear on Facebook.....where I have it set that they are "Public".

My updates are mostly about yarn related stuff too - so they are all public.

If you are someone li…

Marilyn.....Rowan 53

One of my very first actually finished knitting projects was a yellow sleeveless shell done in Rowan Glace.....I LOVED IT

Over the years when knitting time was restricted due to work and life commitments, I knit wool....because it might take me a year to finish something!

I got away from summer knits,  but this year I decided I wanted to be able to wear hand knits all year round.  (I've been thinking this for a few years actually, but it takes a while to get going on something this new and radical :) )

Rowan 53 has some wonderful summer knits in I wish I had more time, or more hands!

On the needles right now......Marilyn, Rowan 53

I started with the front.....because I hadn't realized that this design only has stripes on the front piece.  Then I started Ysolda's Perfect Fit class....and I'm planning on putting a bit of short row shaping in the front piece to make it fit I stopped the front (to be continued later when the class covers this) and started…

Your Perfect Sweater....with Ysolda

I am fortunate to be a student of Ysolda Teague's on-line class

"Your Perfect Sweater"
learning to be more knowledgeable about our yarn purchases, what kind of yarn would be most suitable for the project in mind.....

It's early in the class....we introduced ourselves, looked a bit at the various sheep breeds, and today we talked about woolen spun versus worsted spun.....we talked about plies....and by jove, I think I've got it.

The sweater pattern that is the basis for this whole custom sweater project calls for a DK weight yarn....

Off to the stash to hunt for DK weight - funny, but I KNOW I have a lot of Fingering and Worsted weight yarns....but DK, let's see what I can find....

There are a lot of Rowan yarns in my stash....let's see what Rowan DK weights I have to look at...

Summerspun, Colourspun, Wool Cotton, Revive, Felted Tweed DK...that's 5!

Ysolde wants us to focus on either pure wool or a wool blend, so that eliminates Revive, so now I have 4 choice…

It was all a dream....

Yes dear readers....I woke up this morning.....those you tube videos from Rowan Yarns were posted in error...they were pulled this morning.....

But I can still recall.....maybe I was just dreaming......

Rowan 54!

Following the traditional 3 theme format......
Romancing, Folk and Essentials....
in this unprecedented early preview of 

Rowan Magazine 54!
(I'm feeling a bit faint.....I have to go lie on the couch and watch this via my Apple TV on the big screen just in case I am overcome!  Hubby has offered to make tea.....

Gorgeous designs by the Rowan team.....oh, and watch closely for the design by Kate Davies!)

Dear Rowan,
I am totally and forever...Rowan! (Hand on my stack of Rowan Magazines and books to solemnly pledge my troth!)
Anne, aka Fairislefanatic

Rowan, Rowan and more Rowan!

Fast and furious - I can't keep up!

New Yarns and design booklets from Rowan!

AUTUMN KNITS 14 designs by Marie Wallin
for Women and Men! using Lima, Cocoon and Lima Colour!  
using Derbyshire Parish names...

Ashbourne, Buxton, Derwent and Youlgrave
Hope, Hartington, Hassop and Hathersage
Wessington, Matlock Tissington and Monyash
Ilam and Wye
(My favourites - at a very quick glance because well, I'm just so excited!!!
wait til you see what's further down!)

Buxton in Cocoon - for it's unique shape. Youlgrave in Lima - I can see the DH in this I LOVE!!!! Hartington in Cocoon then there is Hathersage in Lima Colour and DH might like Wessington too... you see... I LOVE THEM ALL!

ANGORA HAZE 14 designs by Martin Storey using Rowan's new Angora Haze!
Lusciously romantic knits named after famous women perhaps?

Audrey, Eva, Brigitte (with beads) Bette, Marylin, Rita and Lucille, Jane, Judy, Ruby, Thelma (love this but I'd make it longer for me), Sophia and Shirley..... sigh....

LITTLE STAR 21 designs by Marie Wallin for  3-10 year olds using Wool Cotton, Wool Cotton 4 ply, Pure W…