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January 2018 Update

Here's my video blog updating my "creative" January 2018!

1:00 Fair Isle inspiration this month - check out my prized fair isle

3:36  Current Project Update - Lerwick, the Marie Wallin Fairisle Club 3 design.

6:24  I've been Sewing! - inspired by Sonya Philip and her 100 Acts of Sewing patterns! She has two classes on Creative Bug, so I joined and made....well, you'll have to watch!

7:50"A Year of Techniques: Fair Isle Colour Dominance Tutorial" by Jen Arnall-Culliford

Check out my blog post, "Following the Straight and Narrow" discussing yarn dominance in stranded knitting.

9:15 You Tube Recommendation - Arne and Carlos. Here is the video I mentioned ... 
The ARNE & CARLOS Christmas Special Podcast: Knitting Christmas BallsThis video is very entertaining - but if you want to hear about the english version....go to the 50 minute mark! :)
12:00 Lackie and Daisy get new Coats!I show you how I repurposed two sweaters that were just hanging around....…