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The tree a day "Advent Adventure"

ahhh, there was a "Hazelnut Heaven" chocolate behind that open door.....
but between the first and the second photo, I ate it! Sorry!

FYI - Thorntons Hazelnut Heaven - a delicious hazelnut truffle wrapped in our heavenly white chocolate! I can attest to this description!

Thank you to fellow Rowan Ambassador Konrad for reminding me that this was the first day of Advent.  I realized that if I wanted to have a finished garland for December 25...I needed to start today :) So I did!  The tree isn't actually sewn on the garland yet....but I did have a root around in my button box and found 3 adorable star buttons.  Now....should I go out and look for more star buttons, or just use up other lonely orphan buttons from my button box :)  
Although I don't practice any religion....I do believe in a higher entity.  This has been a retrospective year for me.  The loss of friends has made me think more clearly about my day to day life. Never will I take a new day for granted!  


Yes, that's right!  A hashtag!

My knitting buddy Claire and I discovered that we both wanted to knit the Nordic Garland from Martin Storey's new book "easy fairisle knits"!

We have decided to have a Rowan Nordic Garland knit-a-long!

Claire is going to knit the garland as designed, 15 trees! (She is a busy Mom and at this extra-busy time of year, this will be a challenge for her!)

You can follow Claire on her blog Knit and Purl Garden,
 on Facebook and Instagram!
I have challenged myself to knit A TREE A DAY!  Yes, one tree (at least) each day, December 1 - 25, so that on December 25 I will have a whole lotta Nordic Tree Garland! :)

CONFESSION!  Before I even contemplated this, I started knitting the icord, because I was worried that the icord would be my downfall!  I have to tell you! The icord is easy and super quick.  If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen me knitting icord at the car dealership while having my winter tires put on, in the car (did I post that …

"easy fairisle knits" by Martin Storey

Want to see more of the designs in "easy fair isle knits" - click on through to the KnitRowan web site!
Rowan Yarns Felted Tweed DK is the yarn used for these projects. Felted Tweed is one of my favourite Rowan yarns - yes it is! Why? Because it comes in 28 gorgeous shades that just all go together so wonderfully!

I'm feeling like I need to add some "home made" to my Christmas this year!

My knitting buddy Claire at Knit and Purl Garden is going to join me in a "home made Christmas Challenge".  Come back on Friday, November 28th, when we will have all the details ready for you....just in case you want to join us :) 

In the meantime, you can get our your stash of Rowan Felted Tweed DK....and think of the possibilities!

Happy Knitting,

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Muddy, or "The Thing"

See my Ravelry Project Page for any thoughts I had while knitting this! "The Thing" on Ravelry!

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Anne   :)
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Sarah Hatton!

"Til next time, Happy Knitting!


Autumn Brings Fibre Festivals! The Big City Creative Festival!

A direct opposite to the Woodstock Fleece the big city "Creative Festival" held in the Toronto Convention Centre.

To get to the Creative Festival from either have to drive the dreaded 401 (you never can actually say how long it takes to get into downtown Toronto - anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours or more!) or you get dropped off in the drop and go parking area of Go Transit, you get on the train, you get our knitting out and you enjoy the ride!

What would you choose?

I was there early...had time to sit and knit while everyone was lining up.  I had bought my ticket on line, handed in my receipt upon arrival and had my hand stamped to show that I was "official".  It was still rather early so I had time to sit and knit while everyone was lining up.  Ha ha ha....they make you line up for the free bags that they hand out - once the bags are can wander in direct from the e ticket booth right into the show....something to remem…

Kaffe Klatch Clue 4 Update!

The Life LDC Kaffe Klatch has been busy!

With Clue 5 being released on Wednesday....we will have reached the half way point for this KAL!
It is NEVER too late to start!  
Want to "Katch Up" on the Kaffe Klatch reports?  Week 3, Week 2, Week 1
Everything you need to know about the +RowanYarns Kaffe Fassett mystery afghan knit along is on their Knit Rowan web site here!
If, you want to make up your own colour way - Pure Wool Worsted has 56 shades


12th November 2014 - 5th colour way, Videos from Sarah Hatton and Kaffe Fassett to help with making-up.

This is direct from the Rowan web site. It has been confirmed that this is a bit of a if you want to keep the layout of the afghan a mystery, don't watch!  But if you want to see how it is all going to go together, and how it is going to be sewn up, I gather that Sarah Hatton will be demonstrating that.  

If you watch these videos....there still will be mystery! Even though we know which shades are used i…

Autumn Brings Fibre Festivals! The Woodstock Fleece Festival!

Every year at this time, fibre enthusiastics....knitters and spinners, weavers and felters....all start to think about winter fibre projects....and a lot of us get a kick start by going to a local, or not so local, festival!  One of the most popular ones is the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival....more commonly referred to as "Rhinebeck".  Lots of Canadians make the road trip to join in the fun! Some day I hope to get down there! :)

Here in Ontario we have our own fibre festival....the Woodstock Fleece Festival, and it's only an hour down the road from me!  This is the first time I have just seemed like a great thing to do on a wonderful autumn day!

This is a very "from fibre to finished product" type of show.....alpaca, shetland sheep, angora fibre....all for the spinning enthusiast.

Here is what particularly caught my eye...first, in the barn....