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Harry Potter....while we're waiting for the movie!

I'm sure that it will be worth the wait for "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" which won't be opening until next July............

But it was most annoying that the Opal Sock Harry Potter yarns were out there, but I didn't have any!!!! I couldn't find any in Canada, so I ordered some from my friends at Tutto Santa Fe.
I'm thinking this is too much fun just to make socks I'm thinking about what I can make with it......

Since I had a box of yarn coming my way, I decided to indulge in some sheep pottery.....this is a Christmas present.....but since the recipient doesn't read my blog, I'm safe in showing this to you......and maybe some of you can get your own pottery flock going.......

Notice the ram on one of the mugs?

It's dishwasher and microwave safe, and available exclusively at Tutto Santa Fe. (Tell them Anne sent you !!!!)

Daisy is wondering where her bowl is!

Happy Knitting,

Workshop Holiday Monday

Last Monday, I attended a terrific workshop co-hosted by my LYS, Main St. Yarns of Milton, and Shall We Knit of New Hamburg, both here in Southern Ontario. It was Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada last weekend -- so the Monday was a holiday, and this workshop was held in Elora, a beautiful little town, at a terrific B&B called Drew House. Our host Roger, I don't think realized what he was getting into. I drove up there on Sunday night with Carolyn, owner of MSY, and we met Karen (Shall We Knit) to get set up for the big day. I helped set up a mini yarn store display which focused on Rowan yarns. We stayed in rooms in the coach house, where the workshop was going to be held the next day in the dining room. The weekend weather was terrific, and Monday in particular was spectacular. After lunch, we started to break out into the courtyard between the coach house and the main house, and enjoy some terrific weather. I was caught trying on one of the display garments. Oh dear, you'r…

"Death in the Cotswolds"

Death in the Cotswolds, by Rebecca Tope

Fun read.....with knitting,spinning and dying references.....

"October, for me, was the dyeing season."

"Knitted coats were, of course, risky.......We'd adapted some Kaffe Fasset ideas, reducing the width that made some of his things unwearable....."

After reading the book, I read a brief bio at the front of the book about the author Rebecca Tope, which says that she does work her interests into her stories....and lists beekeeping, milk recording, spinning, etc. so I think we can safely assume that she is a knitter.

One thing that holds me back from blogging sometimes is taking the photo, downloading to the computer, sizing it for the blog, etc. So today I decided to take a photo using my Orbicam built right into the computer......I wish someone had been here to witness me pushing the "take photo" button, waiting for it to take the photo, taking the photo when I didn't expect it -- here are the results!

I was tr…

Latest Hit from Mason-Dixon Knitting!

Even if you don't normally read Mason Dixon Knitting, go visit today!

Happy Knitting!

When Knitting becomes Obsession......


I totally get this.....

...but I haven't reached my last stitch just yet!

Happy Knitting