How to "finish" your knitting.....

How do you finish your Rowan Mystery Afghan squares?

I wash them a good fibre wash, like Eucalan or Soak

Rowan Pure Wool Worsted is Superwash - it will grow a lot and lose body when it is wet....
but never fear...get rid of the excess moisture (use a towel or spin them in your washing machine)
let them air dry, don't stretch them out....just leave them to dry!  

Then put those squares in the dryer (on low, for 5-10 minutes)!

(Yes, I know the label says not to use a this is my opinion only....
please no complains if your dryer is too know your dryer right?)

So my way is not the Official way, but it works for me!

My squares didn't bleed much dye, but there have been reports from knitters using really dark shades that their squares bled.  If you are using high contrast shades, I would recommend washing and drying the shades separately, to avoid dye transfer.

When they come out of the dryer, they will be nice and clean
and back to their bouncy squishy selves!

To tame them for eventual sewing up.....those lovely squares now need to be pinned out to their finished size.  The pattern calls for 20 x 20 cm (or 8 inch squares).  If yours are a little smaller or larger, it doesn't really matter, as long as you like the finished fabric.  You must however get at least 3 squares per ball of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, or you won't have enough yarn!  So while not critical, gauge is a consideration!

I found this small blocking mat at Michael's Craft store - it is marked out in inches,
so it is easy to block out to the 8" required.

I actually blocked it a tad larger - so that the edge stitches
 are outside of the 8" square.

So take those lovely squares and "finish" them by pinning them on a blocking board,
or on a folded towel....or on your ironing board!  Wherever you can be sure that they will be safe (from the cat, the dog, the kids or the hubby).  Take a clean face cloth, wet it, wring out the excess water, and place it over the pinned out square.  Press the damp face cloth down onto the square...leave it there for a while.....maybe half an hour or so?

Then remove the face cloth...tweak any edge of the square that isn't sitting just right...
and leave it to dry naturally....

Voila....lovely, ready to sew, "finished" squares!

It's a good idea to do this weekly....while you are knitting your squares for the week, wash and "finish" the squares from the previous week.  That way you won't have a big mound of unfinished squares when it comes to the sewing up instructions! 

Week 2 square was released this morning!

I know it sounds like a long way away, but it will go by so fast....the
and I know a lot of knitters were poised and ready to knit!

This square is charted if you are new to charts, this is an easy one to start with!

For those of you still waiting for yarn, or who haven't finished your 6 squares...don't worry!
I found that I got faster with each square...and I'm sure that will be the case each week!

There is also a built in 4 week catch up period at the end of the KAL so that everyone can finish!

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  1. I think it is a good idea block it weekly as it will be too much at the end. I'm loving your color choices.

  2. Thank you for this information Anne. It is very helpful. I'm enjoying knitting the squares.


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