November Rowan Knit Night

A few of us get together to support each other in our Rowan addiction.....and last night I was able to show that I was fighting startitis*, and getting some projects done!

*startitis - the inability to resist starting another new project,
 even though you have way too many projects on the go already!

The proof! (Regular readers will know what I've finished lately, but my Rowan peers....nope....because I missed the October meeting because of the Kaffe lecture night.

Kidsilk Haze down view....
Kidsilk Haze Citron - this would be how it looked over your shoulders.
I took my finished Finn to show off, with it's wooden buttons....and as I was doing
my show and tell, I realized just how lovely all of these projects look together....
Yes, that's another Kidsilk Haze Stripe project -
the Mohair Bias Loop from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

There is a lot of mutual admiration that goes on in the group....everyone shows off their current projects.....ML and C are both knitting the Kaffe Fassett striped stole done in Kaffe's Regia sock yarns, D was just about finished her Misty Shawl in two shades of Kidsilk Haze Stripe (we seem to like Kidsilk Haze Stripe), and R and A were knitting cardigans in luscious yarns of a non Rowan variety.

(I'm just using code initials here to protect the identity of those in this support group! LOL)

You see, we aren't exclusively Rowan, but Rowan was what brought us together I guess almost 4 years ago, and Rowan is what most of us focus on.

C turned up in her Rambler (Rowan 48) done in lovely Cocoon....and it made me come home and pull out my Rambler....and bring it to the top of the pile.

Two sleeves are done - I wonder what distracted me from this?!?
So, by our next meeting.....who knows what projects we will have finished by then (and what will we have started!?!?!)


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