#RowanNordicGarland progress!

I have knit 6 trees for my Martin Storey Rowan Nordic Garland so far. 

(I cheated and started on November 30 so that my finished garland ta da post would be on Christmas Day!)

Not only did I start knitting a day early,
I had my first Advent chocolate a day early too!

I used Treacle for the trunk, and Pine (158) and Gilt (160) for the tree!
The "official" start on December 1
was this adorable little tree done in Mineral (181)

These are quick and easy little garter stitch trees!
December 2 - not sure what I was thinking this morning!
 The trunk is offset (like so many Christmas Trees that you buy)
but I decided that it had to be finished and gave it a little wonky top too!
This one is done in Maritime (167) and Mineral (181)
December 3 - The pattern shows that the small garter stitch tree is
alternated between each of the other patterns.....
so you will be seeing a lot of them!
This one is kit in Jaffa (188) which was a new shade
added to the Felted Tweed DK range this fall!
It's hanging around the dining room, waiting for
the Turkey dinner!
December 4 - Mineral and Maritime for this tree....
My orchid wanted a tree of it's own!
December 5 - The reality of Christmas hit today!
 Time to get organized!

Today we are going to be writing our Christmas Cards!
This little tree wants to help - it's done in Paisley (171) a beautiful pink!

Aren't these cards just perfect!  A Christmas Tree and Two Westies!
Lackie and Daisy approve!
I started early on my cord, and am attaching my trees as I go along.
I couldn't resist trying it out to see what it looks like!
Do you notice that I actually had to switch out one?
There was too much of the Mineral shade at the beginning...
so I quickly knit up a Peony (183) garter tree!

We are under construction here...
and I daren't show the rest of the house!

Who would have thought that new flooring (replacing our 1990 vinyl)
 and a powder/laundry room update
would cause so much commotion!

 It's a good idea to give yourself some inspiration
when you have a task to do.

So I hung up my "starter" @RowanNordicGarland
to decorate a little oasis of tidiness in the dining room,
while I write Christmas Cards today!

Christmas Cards are something we do every year.....
to think of friends, reflect back on 2014
and think ahead to 2015.

Have you done your Cards yet?
Do you still write Christmas cards? I know a lot of people don't.

Every year I think that perhaps we should make a donation instead...but then we'd have to write cards to tell people we did that rather than write cards....it's a bit of a conundrum :)

So we make the donation (to our charity of choice) and send out cards too!
What do you think of the tradition of writing cards?

Happy Knitting everyone!


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  1. Your garland is looking great, Anne! How crazy is it that I'm thinking of ordering those cards, and I don't even do Christmas cards? Are they blank inside? If they are I guess I could just use them as note cards.

  2. I, too, love the ritual and tradition of Christmas cards…choosing the right ones, finding stamps early in November, preparing the mailing list, choosing a lovely pen to write my messages….

  3. p.s. lovely china pattern!

  4. Your garland trees are so lovely and I like those Christmas cards too! Sarah x


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