Don't fool with Mother Nature....

or Rowan Patterns!

What could I be contemplating??!?!?
Rewind back to this, my Anastasiya from Rowan 48.

I love this sweater!  It was a challenge to knit and the yarn (Rowan Felted Tweed) is luscious.

Hubby and I were on our way North for a couple of days and I thought Anastasiya would be a great wardrobe piece - so many shades in it that just combine it with a few t-shirts and you're good to go - NOT!


Modelled with a pistachio green t-shirt to demonstrate what I mean -
too much T showing in the V!
I tried it on and I have to admit.....I made a grave error with this sweater!  I deviated from the pattern!  At the time, I decided that the V neck was too short, and that I'd prefer a deeper V......I don't think I made it much deeper, but I did start the V in the flower motif - it should definitely have started a few inches higher!  With a shallower V, I think it would look great with a t-shirt just peeking up into the V.

So, I've made a momentous decision - I am going to take off the neckline and armhole finishing, undo the shoulder seams, and cut the offending V out of this sweater - I'll pick up the stitches and reknit the front.

WISH ME LUCK!!!!!  I'll need it!


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