My Year of Fair Isle - March Update!

March was a month to catch my breath after the frenzy of knitting Lerwick for 4 months steady!

I tidied up my living room (OMG it was a nightmare) and put everything away that I'd received during those months, and all of the things I'd pulled out to look at or play with from my stash!

My March Update Video is up and here's what I cover....

1:19 Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

March was EYF month. Instagram was full of EYF posts....and the EYF video blogs are out too!

Did you go? Have you been? Do you want to go some day?

EYF is a unique fibre fest.....held in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange building....knitters come from all over the world to this event. The EYF organizers invite podcasters to come...provide a "podcaster lounge" for them to meet and greet (each other and their on line community). The lounge this year was sponsored by Blacker Yarns...I'm sure all of the podcasters were thrilled to be there and enjoyed every minute.

I know I'm not the usual podcaster..... I don't particularly like indie dyed yarn (unless it is an unusual base perhaps) and I really don't like SPECKLES! There, I've said it!

But EYF had some fabulous specific sheep breed yarns represented....which I would have loved to investigate!

4:00 Thwaite in British Sheep Breeds Chunky for the hubby!

5:50 Shetland Wool Week - get your fee Merrie Dancers Toorie pattern here!

The Shetland Wool Week people were at EYF too! They reveal their Patron for the year....the  designs a hat to be the official SWW hat and this year the Patron is Elizabeth Johnston, of Shetland Handspun. You can read all about her and get your copy of her hat design, Meerie Dancers Toorie here. It's a great design and Elizabeth has given lots of Shetland yarn well as written the instructions for both fingering and DK weight.

It is interesting to note that this hat design is noted specifically as NOT BEING FAIR ISLE! So I'm guessing, is because it is three small patterns....traditional Fair Isle being a grouping of peerie, border and OXO patterns. It would be interesting to talk to Elizabeth about this :)

8:30 The Vintage Shetland Project by Susan Crawford...get your copy here

10:30 FOs : Marie Wallin Fair Isle Cushions

My Abstract Fair Isle Cushion by Marie Wallin is done! I decided to buckle down and get this finished in this lull between larger projects. The yarn in this is Little Grey Sheep Hampshire with a couple of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift to round out the palette of shades!

13:00 New Project!

Mousa by Marie Wallin from her Shetland Collection!

I'm knitting it in the shades as per the design and have cast on since this video was made. I am loving the colours!

16:30 Acquiring my Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift - my personal philosophy on buying yarn.

Some history here.....feel free to scroll through if you weren't knitting fair isle back in the late 90's early 20's.

21:40 New Acquisition - JesabelleB bag! I COULDN'T RESIST! :) These are lovely bags and they are made in CANADA!

23:45 STEEKS! Discussion - why steek?

27:40 DEMO: Steek Cutting!

Samples of steeked garments, Shetland Jacket, Hibiscus Cardigan, Grant Avenue Vest

Demo - cutting the steeks of my Marie Wallin Fairisle Club 1 squares!

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!

Anne x, 
with Lackie and Daisy on the couch!


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