In Search of Autumn Colours....

Last week we took "the kids" and went north to Gravenhurst in Muskoka to see the trees in their Autumn finery.

On the way there, we stopped at Webers - this is a FAMOUS hamburger place on Highway 11 - there is even a walkway over the highway so that you can stop when travelling on the opposite side of the highway.

There is a railway dining car and lots of tables outside - it was a gorgeous day so we ate out back.

Usually we go up and back to Gravenhurst just as a day trip.  This year we decided to stay over a couple of nights in a hotel right in the Gravenhurst was lovely.

 We could take the dogs for a walk on the rocky point just by the hotel - they loved it!

It was a great walk for them - lots of rocky places to climb up on - the kind of walk where you really have to watch your footing!  They weren't scared of going right to the edge!

While there, we did the RMS Segwun steam boat cruise - it was a lovely day and we really enjoyed it.

Here we are - doing our last walk on the boardwalk before leaving!

BUT, I have to say, the colours were disappointing - I guess we were a little early.

So this past weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  I decided that I wanted to go up to Erin for a little drive and check out a shop that I like up there.....hubby and the kids came too for the drive.

Everywhere we looked......fabulous autumn colours.....especially here....

This is our road, we are heading up onto the escarpment and south to our house.....I was driving and asked the hubby to try and take a photo with the although it's not the best gives you an idea of how spectacular the colours are right now.

Sometimes we forget to look in our own back yard!


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