I'm confused....

New Martin Storey book......it's out right now - 24 lovely designs....
I just ordered a copy from the UK.....
Reliable sources (someone with the book in their hands) tells
me that this is the cover - yeah - one is on it's way to me right now!
I found this on one web site - 25 designs......funny, I actually prefer this cover....
but perhaps this was a mock up that someone got hold of?!?!?

But boy - look at that sweater with the plaid cuffs, and the striped scarf!
Then I found this one - change of title and cover shot!
I gather this is the North American version - only 17 designs!
and not available until March 2013!
On one web site I found this - they are confused too!

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 It seems that this happens all the time!
- on the left - the UK version, on the right, the US version......
it took me a while but I got the one on the left because I liked it better!

Yes, I am particular....hopefully in a good way LOL!


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